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  • You're Amazing! (Starring You)

    by Mark Pichora
    Kids will be inspired to learn about their amazing human potential in "You're Amazing! (Starring You)"! They'll be enriched by its seamless, Dr. Seuss-inspired verse, and entertained by its creative characters, including a few that they just might recognize – some of the human body’s most magnificent internal organs, eagerly explaining exactly what they do and why they are so very important! The closing message, however, is an important lesson in what makes humans so special – the thing that s... more
  • space : Universe of pollution

    by Dr.Nileshkumar Baria
    Space pollution refers to the gathering debris in orbit around the Earth, made up of discarded rocket boosters, In the most general sense, the term space pollution includes both the natural micrometeoroid and man-made orbital debris constituents of the space atmosphere; conversely, as "pollution" is generally considered to indicate a despoiling of the usual environment, space contamination here submits to only man-made orbital debris. Orbital debris poses a hazard to both manned plus unmanned ... more
  • Global Explorer

    by E L Strauss
    From the scorching sands of the Namib desert to the clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, uncover the planet’s most fascinating secret spots – from towering rocks to creepy coastlines, ancient salt flats, soaring dunes and more. On the way, you’ll encounter strange fauna and flora, peer into the mists of mythology, investigate some scary relics and even don your white coat for a stint in the lab. Ever wanted to know why some sand dunes appear red? Just how big Ayers Rock actually is? How about... more
  • Complex Systems in Our World

    by E L Strauss
    Curious and creative teens can now uncover the worlds of systems and complexity theory – captivating, interdisciplinary fields that explore often overlooked questions: Just how do systems work? How do the pieces within them fit together? How do wholes become more than the mere sums of their parts? From the human body, to ant colonies, superorganisms and cities, this concise, full-colour, richly illustrated guide takes the reader on a captivating journey of discovery. From the principles that ... more
  • Our Universe Revealed: A cosmic exploration

    by E L Strauss
    Captivating images, probing questions, amazing discoveries and more await the reader in this concise, full-colour, exquisitely illustrated guide. Aimed at curious and creative teens and young adults, the work takes readers on an exhilarating journey into the field of cosmology, delving into some of science’s most fundamental questions. How did the universe begin? How does it work? How has it evolved over time and how is it still evolving? From the tiniest constituents of matter to structur... more
  • Dinosaur Rain Island

    by Dionne L Fields
    Rain wants kids, to have a hand on experience with dinosaur fossils. And so much more, at the dinosaur rain Island. Rain has been collecting Dinosaurs, ever since his first birthday on Mother’s Day. Today Rain is 9 years old, and he is going into fourth grade. Rain wants to be a paleontologist, after he completes high school. A paleontologist studies dinosaur fossils. Rain Fields is very excited about, opening his very own Dinosaur Rain Island. Location: Atlant... more
  • One-Handed Fractions

    by Karen Tollefson
    This book guides the older student or adult who is returning to school for a degree, further training, or GED through a review of fractions. Even if you hated fractions, this method will make sense to you and will make doing fractions a breeze.
  • Argiope Aurantia

    by Deborah Keever
    Argiope Aurantia, also known as a Garden Spider is an invertebrated animal having an exoskeleton. See her emit pure white silk from her spinnerets sac as she captures her prey. You will enjoy many more interesting facts about the Garden Spider as you read “Argiope Aurantia”.
  • Blood Cells Are Your Best Friends Forever

    by Anne Stiene-Martin
    This book is aimed at young people (ages twelve and older).It describes each of the blood cells or formed elements in blood, using cartoons as illustrations. Each cell is described as to its appearance, its function or job, how it does its job, where it came from, what can go wrong, and what the reader can do to help.
  • Space Center

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    Soar into space with watercolor images and rhyme through this easy-to-read illustrated book. Time to blast off!
  • Big Sur

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    Explore the coast of California with beautiful watercolor pictures and rhyme. Become a part of Big Sur's wonder and surrounding discoveries through vivid illustrations.
  • What On Earth Can We Do?

    by Emily Sper
    With easy-to-understand language and colorful graphics, this fun and informative book introduces children to actions that help make our planet healthier—make less garbage; repair; reuse; recycle; compost; plant a tree; don’t waste electricity or water. Simple explanations of electricity, carbon dioxide, global warming, and renewable energy, and the importance of trees and water, add meaning to the actions.
  • Chaos Theory Uncovered: How chaos and fractals shape our world

    by E L Strauss
    This concise, full-colour, richly illustrated guide takes bright, gifted and creative teens into the world of chaos theory, the fascinating science of the apparently unpredictable. Mind-bending images, ideas and insights accompany this extraordinary journey through chaos theory's beginnings, surprising everyday relevance, predictions and more, revealing a whole new world of amazing processes and dynamic forces. Readers discover self-similarity, nonlinearity, cascades, fractals and the butt... more
  • 555 math books series

    by tayyip oral
    555 math books series Countless math books are published each year, however only a small percentage of these titles become classics that are loved by both mathematicians and students. The 555 Math Book series accomplishes this feat by providing 555 math problems that help students develop the problem solving skills necessary to excel in school as well as on standardized tests. From Pre-Algebra to Plane Geometry to Trigonometry, questions also range from easy to solve with fundamental math s... more
  • Eukarya: A Child's Guide to Knowing Names of Nature

    by Cole Williams
    Explore the wonderful world of nature and diversity with the new Children's non-fiction release: Eukarya. Learn how organisms are organized, classified and named; all the way from single-celled organisms to the mammals we know and love. Eukarya is written in a poetic and approachable style to make learning biology fun for all ages. Jam packed with tidbits of information, the reader can learn something new each time they pick up this book to read.
  • Amber's Atoms: The First Ten Elements of the Periodic Table

    by E. M. Robinson


    Amber's Atoms - The First 10 Elements of the Periodic Table is a professionally illustrated picture book to entice children of all ages to enjoy learning their elements. The puppy Amber illustrates each riddle that provides clues to guessing the element’s name. The answer on the following pair of pages is its periodic table entry and its atom. The science is carefully vetted, and the font and formatting are tailored to help dyslexic and beginning readers.

    ... more