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  • Kanga, My Dragon of Anger: A book about Anger (Building Resilience) (Volume 1)

    by Doctor Harmony
    Meet Al and his pet dragon, Kanga, who roars when Al is raging and angry. Al finds it hard to control his temper and explodes whenever he is frustrated. Find out what makes Al scream and shout. Discover how Al controls Kanga and his temper in this fun, rhyming educational book. Can you find Kanga hiding on each page? Kids, try out the fun activities in the back of the book to learn more about dealing with Kanga, the angry dragon. There is also a useful adults page at the end of the book to g... more
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Adulting: A Basic Guide for Teens and Young Adults

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Adulting is hard - everyone knows that. Explaining how hard it can be is sometimes just as difficult. This is a friendly, short guide even for the laziest readers...because let's face it, if you're getting this book for someone else or for yourself, they have to be pretty unadulty.
  • Good Freshman To Thriving Freshman

    by Joshua Hill

    Its getting tougher and tougher to get into college...especially the good colleges.  Some people believe that the freshman year is a throw away year and that colleges understand it is a transition year.  It is utter nonsenese.  As a matter of fact, the freshman year may be the most important year of a students high school career because students will choose their friends, classes, activities and actually establish the high school trajectory which will ultimately determine the l... more

  • Major Lessons for Minors: Real Life Lessons They Should Be Teaching in High School

    by Chad Miller
    A book full of 68 real life lessons for young adults such as how to ace a job interview, how to buy a car, all about insurance, how to choose college and a career, avoiding money traps, renting and buying real estate, paying taxes and voting, and how to build relationships and contacts. Between the failing education system, lack of parenting, and the addiction to social media, teens have even more of an up hill battle when it comes to their success as adults. This book was created to give youn... more
  • Boris, Tashi and Tucker...Orders

    by Marlene Bermoy
    It's a typical day in Lincoln Housing as the kids finish up their homework and chores and rush out to the playground to meetup with their friends. But today is a bit different as the Puller family gets news that their dad has orders to Camp Pendleton. This is the first book in a series of titles designed to help military families deal with military issues.
  • Leadership and Soft Skills for Students: Empowered to Succeed in High School, College, and Beyond

    by Cary J. Green, PhD
    In today’s competitive landscape, brains alone won’t get you very far. Truly successful students and young professionals exhibit certain skills that make them really stand out from the crowd. They communicate well, dress and act professionally, solve problems, and seem to be natural leaders. If you’re wondering how you can acquire these important leadership and soft skills, this book is for you. Author Cary J. Green, PhD, draws upon years of teaching and mentoring students to show you how to ... more
  • Alec Meets Sheikadee

    by Joan Derrick
    Adults are very excited to have a book that teaches children how thoughts and feelings influence the energy field within and around them, determining what they attract into their lives.
  • Alec Meets Sheikadee

    by Joan E Derrick
    Alec meets Sheikadee is not your average story book! Its true value becomes apparent when parents, grandparents and carers read the story to children, opening up a conversation about thoughts and feelings. This book is one of the few books available, which brings awareness to children and their parents, in two areas of a childs psyche which are so important to their personal growth. These areas are: their energy field and their subconscious mind. The conversation that flows between the adul... more
  • The Tails Of Penoir Penuque 'Be Careful Crossing The Street'

    by Rachael Akbar
    The Tails of Penoir Penuque is a tail of adventures that this fun loving Chihuahua will be taking. Penoir Penuque's experiences will help him understand why life's events unfolds, and how he fits into the world around him. Learning knew things and meeting other animals on his journey to help guide his path, is an exciting experience for Penoir as well as anyone experiencing his daily adventures with him. Please join Penoir on his journey as he meets new friends, experiences new places, and thing... more
  • What Am I Waiting For?

    by Terry Hite

    You’ve probably sought out advice from someone to help you solve a problem, achieve a goal or just to help you get moti vated on a certain project. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself giving out lots of advice—and wondering if you were telling others the right things. There is nothing worse than sending someone you care about in the wrong direction.

    In this guidebook to getti ng what you want and helping others do the same, life coach Terry Hite explains the benefi t... more

  • A Girl Doesn't Need To Go To College But… But… But…

    by Mary Korte


    PART I: This "mostly" true, poignant parody, written in Dr. Seuss rhyming style, takes readers into a combined classroom of rowdy 6th and 7th graders left unsupervised during their 1952-53 school year. Their wimpy teacher, Mr. Cock-Rooster (also the principal) spends more time in his office than in the classroom. Whenever Mr. Boar, the teacher next door, complains about their noisy shenanigans, Mr. Cock-Rooster grants his students long recesses. During one recess, a bul... more

  • Ant DivaMo - Happy Day

    by Regina Edwards
    Happy Day is about a new children's character named, Ant DivaMo. She is the main character of the book. She makes organizing fun and easy for her nephew, Toby Jo and niece Sally Sue. Learning basic organizational skills early ensures greater success in school and home. Learn order, live organized and have a happy day.
  • The Pain in Pleasure

    by Dr. Lawrence Bolar
    This though provoking book focus on, the pleasures in life and the permanent affects. The book is filled with dramatic analogies biblical scriptures and lessons learned. The information in this book allows the reader to learn from others examples and to view the choices they make differently.
  • Eradicating The Saggy Pants Syndrome in America

    by Dr. Lawrence Bolar
    This very powerful and enlightening subject affects our community and youth nation wide. The book was forged to empower the minds of each reader, especially our youth to make an intelligent decision about how to dress, and how not to dress. The power of perception can be fatal! An individuals perception behind sagging pants often has a negative connotation attached to it. The books goal is provide a historical glance to bring additional awareness, exposure, and closure.
  • The Dissertation Marathon A Three Year Guide To Crossing The Finish Line

    by Dr. Lawrence Bolar
    The Dissertation Marathon A Three Year Guide To Crossing The Finish Line is a book about how to actually endure the journey you’ll take in acquiring your doctoral degree. A decision that cannot be taken lightly based on the enormous level of commitment one must experience. The book is not only about how to survive but how to thrive, what routs to take, and what routes not to take. The book offers real life scenarios, actual research based strategies, and samples along with motivational quote... more