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  • Joshua's grandma is Sick

    by Yamina Rambarn
    This poignant children’s book tells of a young boy who discovers that his dear grandma is sick in bed. Joshua goes with his mommy to Grandma’s house so they can take care of her, and as the story unfolds, he learns the practical ways he can show love to someone in need—from giving thoughtful gifts to providing food to simply spending time together. A compelling lesson in empathy and the value of serving others, Joshua’s Grandma Is Sick helps fortify your child’s social and mental health by in... more
  • Love Your Gay Neighbor: Instructions From the Bible

    by Daniel V. Runyon

    Three sections comprise this book:"The Big Picture" tells the story of God; "The Love Picture" defines his love and shows how people in the Bible demonstrate it to gay neighbors; "The Gay Picture" summarizes 20 years of cultural change, how it came about, and how to respond.

  • Confidence Your Secret Weapon: A Guide to Building Confidence

    by Ashley Korin McLean

    Confidence Your Secret Weapon is a personal development guide that provides readers with the tools they need to improve confidence, develop high self-esteem, and set goals to achieve their dreams. Ashley Korin McLean shares the concepts, skills and techniques that helped transform her from a timid and shy teenager, to a successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

    Confidence Your Secret Weapon delivers basic exercises designed to help instigate confi... more

  • Love at First Sight: Positive Affirmations for Young Girls of Color

    by Chantal S Grayson
    Love at First Sight: Positive Affirmations for Young Girls of Color is a heartfelt glimpse of the author, Chantal Grayson’s racially biased adolescence and how she used daily affirmations and an education to develop into a well-rounded self-aware woman of color. #antiselfbullying
  • The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success

    by Todd Jason Feltman, PhD
    Do you want to succeed in school but don’t know where to start? This interactive handbook is packed with 110 easy-to-follow strategies that will help you navigate the ins and outs of your education, from what you can do at home to how to perform in the classroom. Discover how to: •\tBe prepared and organized •\tLearn successfully •\tDevelop positive relationships with your teachers •\tBehave respectfully and responsibly A good education is the first steppingstone to achieving success... more
  • "How Cody Found His True Colors"

    by Lyn Stallard and Terry Tischer
    This is the true story of Cody, a wacky and unadoptable but lovable shelter dog who became a hero in his town. He was adopted by Lyn and he was the model and inspiration for the fiberglass Labradors that were sold at the Summer of Labs Event in Sun Valley, Idaho. The sale of over seventy-five painted dogs raised over $100,000 for the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, Canine Companions, the Delta Society, and the Search and Rescue Dogs of New York and the Wood River Valley. Cody saved ... more
  • Amanda, Just The Way I Am

    by Sherry Fisher
    Amanda, Just The Way I Am brings to light the issues handicapped persons face from a child's point of view. This book gives adults and children a perfect tool for understanding each other's differences and similarities. This book describes some of the obstacles Amanda faces but her family is always there to love her just the way she is.
  • by Donna M. Roszak

    Ask Me Smarter! is designed as the one-source tool to help parents and guardians empower their children with a solid knowledge foundation, aligned to traditional state content standards per grade level, as they progress through their elementary school years. Its all-encompassing format is what makes it unique. It is intended to enhance and reinforce the facts, ideas, and concepts "covered" in eac... more

  • Roses of the Angel

    by Kalee Marshall
    On a Halloween night, a robbery unfolds at the store, leaving high school student Eve unconscious and a secret admirer to reveal himself. Eve searches for her secret admire who saved after robbery attempt, and deals with adversity along with her friends on school bullying.
  • The Faceless Reflections of Bullying

    by Normandy Piccolo
    WARNING: BOOK CONTAINS STRONG CONTENT. "The Faceless Reflections of Bullying" shows how a person who has been bullied feels, sometimes to the point of wanting to end their life because of it. The book begins by showing the anger, the sadness, the depression and the never ending pain, before transitioning into feelings and thoughts of overcoming the horrible experience. Positive feelings, self-empowerment and self-confidence to live and defeat the bully are highly suggested as the solution to put... more
  • Love End after Nepal Quake

    by Sagar Bhatta
    Two good friend turn into the love after one year ...due to earth quake the person who couldnot care her properly and love end with quake...all story and conversation are realistic which is based on real chat.
  • the quotations and affirmations handbook


    This book was designed to be interactive and it lists particular quotations from various notable individuals, alone with affirmations, which are designed to give its reader inspiration, invoke positivity, build self-esteem; call to attention the importance of the words we use and give overall food for thought.

  • Life Lessons for the Teenage Girl: Quotes, Inspiration and Advice for Women by Women

    by Kelly Tonelli

    Being a teenage girl is hard. Admit it-frequently it's downright terrible. They are constantly bombarded with suggestions about how to best live their lives from everyone they know. It becomes a challenge just to know whose suggestions to follow and whom to ignore. Their parents and teachers are "too old" to understand them, and friends can be just as confused as they are. Teens are often tempted to turn to celebrities who, unfortunately, are only asked about fashion, weight los... more

  • Top 18 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2015

    by Donavon Parker
    A guide to help independent musicians market and promote their music.
  • Kennedy's Big Visit

    by Daphne Brooks
    Little Kennedy is so excited to visit her father again. After she tries on her princess dress and a tutu, Kennedy’s mother finds something pretty for her to wear. Finally, they are ready to take the long car ride to visit her daddy! When Kennedy arrives at the big building, she knows she cannot run around or talk loudly. When she sees her father, she is happy and sad all at once. Happy because she loves her daddy, but sad because she knows her visit will come to an end soon and she will have ... more
  • Kiara und das Schimpfmonster

    by Rudolf Otto Schäfer
    O weia - Mama muss arbeiten und Kiara soll nach dem Kindergarten zu Oma und Opa, um dort zu übernachten. Weil sie viel lieber bei ihrer Mama sein möchte, hat sie schon den ganzen Tag schlechte Laune und meckert jeden an. Die Großen sagen, wenn sie damit nicht aufhört, kommt das Schimpfmonster. Aber Kiara glaubt nicht an das Schimpfmonster, bis sie in der folgenden Nacht tatsächlich von ihm besucht wird. Als das kleine Monster in dieser Nacht sein großes, wichtiges Geheimnis mit ihr teilt... more