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  • I would, but my DAMN MIND won't let me!: a teen's guide to controlling their thoughts and feelings (Words of Wisdom for Teens Bo

    by Jacqui Letran
    Your past can cause you to believe that making positive improvements requires a miracle. In Letran’s award-winning book, I would, but my DAMN MIND won’t let me!, you will learn the simple steps to overcome your obstacles and struggles. Once you understand how your mind works, you will have the knowledge and power to take control of your thoughts and feelings. The power to challenge your old negative patterns and create the exact life you want is in your hands.
  • Happy to Be Me!

    by Patrice Lee

    Little Onya wakes up "happy" and goes to bed "happy" every day.  She is one "happy" little girl who truly loves life. One day she meets someone who is not-so-very-nice., but, Onya knows just what to do to.  One great theme - on happiness with a happy ending.   Picture book includes workbook for children ages birth to 2nd grade.   

    htt... more

  • Why are you Sad?

    by Allison R. Troy

    "Why are you Sad?" is a gripping children's story that has young readers asking not only others but asking themselves why are they sad? By allowing the reader to become the book's narrator or main character, this new release explains to young children that although they may not know why they feel sad often, feeling sad for no reason is completely normal.  

  • Being the Best You!

    by Fayth Thomas
  • The Monster in My Room

    by Joy Shepherd
    This beautifully written and illustrated story for children gets right to the point. Inappropriate touching should never be a secret. Using a child's voice, the story takes us through the emotions of a child who has a secret; sadness, fear, anger, empowerment, and resolution. "When somebody hurst you, you have to tell." The Monster in My Room is a wonderful tool for parents and educators to help children understand and deal with the idea and reality of inappropriate touching.
  • Grandma Doesn't Know My Name

    by Joy Shepherd
    The story puts a light-hearted spin on the confusion and sometimes hurt that can occur when a grandparent cannot recall a beloved grandchild's name. This heartwarming story focuses on what matters most - the love that endures and the positive playful interactions that are still alive, despite the hurdles that come with Alzheimer's disease. This story is an excellent read for children, parents, teachers, caregivers and loved ones. Recommended for children ages 5-9.
  • Roscoe: A Respectable Dog With Good Moral Principles by James L. Thompson

    by James Thompson
    In my book, I am showing ten-year-old students and adults that I had a dog, Roscoe, that I got to make him bite and attack my friends and neighbors,but he just wouldn't. Later, I made a fighting dog out of him. And he was very good at whipping all the dogs that were brought to him for a fight. However, and even over his own food, he just wouldn't fight a female or girl dog. I even tried whipping him to make him fight a female dog, and he just wouldn't. So, the moral of Roscoe's life is that if a... more
  • Meet ClaraBelle Blue

    by Adiba Nelson

    "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" is one of the most diverse children's books on the market. This book provides visibility for children with special needs who have yet to see themselves aptly represented in the books they read (silly, fun loving, smart kids), and helps typically-abled children see that kids with special needs are just like them, kids - regardless of having a disability! Whether she's zooming around her friends playing duck-duck-goose, or being tucked into bed by her mo... more

  • Bully Prevention Tips for Teens

    by Yvonne Brooks
    While bullying is not a new social issue, only in recent years has it begun to receive more serious attention. We now know it to be a tremendous problem, leading a wide range of responses from teens, all the way up to suicide or homicide. In Bully Prevention Tips for Teens authors Yvonne Brooks and Stephanie R. Bien present eighteen powerful tips to help teens prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically to stand their ground against bullies. A vast majority of people deal with the struggle of ... more
  • What Is the Magic of the Magic Fingers?: A Family Read-Together Book

    by Michael Lambert
    Parents often know just when to yell at their children, but it is difficult to know exactly when to sit and speak quietly. And if you do, what should you say in those rare moments that could help positively shape the child's future? This book brings each finger to life as it becomes a king, knight or other colorful character that exemplifies honesty, tolerance and other attributes necessary for a well adjusted child. The intention of this book is for a parent and their child to enjoy... more
  • Words to Say Out Loud! A Safety Book for Children Around the World

    by Connie Ellis Myers
    WORDS TO SAY OUT LOUD is a safety book for children. It is a helpful book of words to Say Out Loud when you need help. These words will help keep you safe.
  • Making Me Happen

    by Taayoo A. Murray
    Troubled by the lack of drive she has seen in teenagers and young adults, Taayoo A. Murray is setting out to teach the next generation the benefits of goal-setting, a skill that she strongly believes is necessary for a successful future. Her new book, “Making Me Happen,” blends Murray’s personal experience as a mother and her professional career as an educator and major nonprofit fundraiser to create an easy-to-use goal-setting guide.
  • Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    by Shira Winget
    The way to discover new sides of you is to try out new things, whether it’s a new job, a different course to what you already do or even visiting another country then stepping out of your comfort zone is the way to go. You don’t have to go all out, there’s bound to be several things you can do right in your own city that will help you with you and your journey of stepping out of your comfort zone. Listed below are a few questions you should ask yourself, before you start thinking about explori... more
  • Revealing The Excellence Within:Becoming A Greater You By Developing & Displaying The 12 Cornerstone Character Traits

    by Landon M. Douglas
    It's an out-of-clinic application designed to empower Teens and Tweens by developing Safety-First Astuteness utilizing the benefits of NeuroCognitive & Executive Function Skills Enhancement through exercise and study of the 12 Cornerstone Character Traits.
  • A Divine Revelation of Hip Hop

    by Kelly Johnson
    Have you ever wondered if incorporating hip hop into a youth ministry is wise? It does seem to be a last resort if your goal is to attract young people. However, A Divine Revelation of Hip Hop gives caution to those who have invited this form of music in because of its popularity, and call it worship. A Divine Revelation of Hip Hop explodes with insight into the stronghold of this music. The root of this genre extends further than Brooklyn and the South Bronx, New York. You will read bold re... more
  • Our Most Dear Friend: Bhagavad-gita for Children

    by Visakha Dasi

    Our Most Dear Friend presents the essence of the Bhagavad-gita, the timeless scripture that forms the basis of India's sublime spiritual culture. Through the simple yet captivating paintings, text and photographic montages, children of every race, nationality, and religion will deepen their understanding of God, themselves, their relationship with God and all his children everywhere.