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  • When I...

    by Joseph Rader
    What should I do when I'm mad? What choice should I make when I'm sad? How should I treat my feelings? When I...(Feelings) walks young ones through these questions and more. Help young ones to learn how to deal with their emotions from a biblical viewpoint.
  • Unity In Diversity Of Different Religions

    by Daljit Singh Jawa
    In this small 62 page book, with appropriate quotes from the scriptures, and short inspirational stories from the legends of different major religions, the author hopes to inspire all children and young adults that that although people from different religions because of the way they dress, worship, or perform certain rituals, yet basically all religions try to teach and inculcate in their followers, basic human decencies, and values, such as love, forgiveness, and compassion for all our fellow ... more
  • Magic Wonder - We Are All Made Of Love

    by Liat Rostoker
    The Power of Love meets real life in this captivating, surprising and fun children's book. Will Magic Wonder and her parents find the way to overcome fears?... Magic Wonder and her parents are an undefeatable team on a beautiful journey. Using the power of imagination with a combination of love, open communication, and humor, they set sail to conquer her fears, until they find their true Power within. A delightful children's book with a beautiful message.
  • 978-1975892470

    by Judie C. Nance
    Short & Virtuous Bed-time Stories for Children brings together timeless stories chosen especially for a children to help parents introduce them to the essentials of good character: Responsibility, Courage, Perseverance, Work, Self-discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship.
  • The Little Book of Character Strengths

    by June Rousso

    The Little Book of Character Strengths is a colorfully illustrated poem describing the meaning of twenty-four character strengths to a child and young adult audience. The book is based upon the VIA classification of character strengths. Its bright colors and creative illustrations along with the poetry format are meant to captivate young readers. The book can be read along with adults to foster discussion of ways of developing character strengths. Adults also will benefit from the me... more

  • Emma's Book of Courage

    by Emma Lindberg
    Six-year-old Emma knows that it can be hard to be courageous but thinks you should try! Courageous means having courage, is when you’re really, really afraid to try something, but you do it anyway. Emma shares moments when she’s needed courage, like when she did a backflip for the first time! It was scary, but she’s SO glad she did it. Now, she can’t wait to try new things and wants to help you be more courageous, too!
  • Miss Little Bea Sharp

    by Jessica Rosen
    What type of music does Miss Little Bea Sharp want to belong to when she grows up? Join her on a magical journey through Musical Town accompanied by her mentor, Treble Clef. Travel along with Bea Sharp as she explores the world of music and ponders the answer to the age old question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
  • Me, My Dog and a Sheep

    by Melissa Mullamphy
    Grizzy, a disarmingly good-natured puppy-as large as a house with a spirit to match-is suddenly struck with a immobilizing illness. Luckily, this hefty hound has a best buddy, Luke, a tender-hearted boy who will not let Grizzy give up the fight. Together, with the aid of caring veterinary professionals and Luke's attentive parents, Grizzy digs deep to find the grit to fight the odds and withstand the challenges of recovery. This is a true story of dog expressed through the eyes of Luke a 7 ye... more
  • Mr. Hatfield

    by Rain Fields
    This amazing new children’s book is based on a true story. A gifted and talented 5th Grade Teacher, by the name of Mr. Hatfield. Mr. Hatfield goes above and beyond to help, Rain Fields a student in his 5th grade class. To overcome, his difficulties with learning disability in reading. This book was Illustrated, Photograph, Proofread, Editorial, Written. By Rain Fields
  • Blue Ivy Carter: A Little, Big Story

    by Tesfahiwet "Tes" Mekonnen
    I wrote this story because I read an article where folks were attacking the appearance of a little girl--the little girl happens to be Blue Ivy Carter. What is wrong with folk? Even kids aren't sacred on the Internet. Leave the kids alone--they don't deserve your venom.
  • Angel on Assignment: Move over elf. It's time to share the shelf.

    by Wanda Carter Roush

    Little Peeps Book Awards for Early Readers ~ FIRST Place Winner

    Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards ~ Children's Holiday

    Gold Medal Christian Book Award Winner ~ Young Kids

    Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner ~ Christian-General



    If your family loves the Elf on the Shelf and you want to keep the fun going, check out Angel on Assignment. ... more


    by Matt Muller
    A young boy and his Grandpa set out to solve a tough problem. Using their best plan, they try their hardest to find out if they can succeed. What starts as a problem soon turns into a big adventure, and leads to the young boy learning one very important lesson.
  • Guardian Angel on Purpose Patrol

    by Lisa Chappell

    When an anxious little angel in heaven is excited to go to Earth, share God's blessings and awaken purpose--be ready! After waiting and waiting for God to call her to action, the enlightened angel goes on a divine journey to make the world a happy blessing at a time!

  • Regions War

    by Jesús Nicolas Frontera
    Worssoft is a legendary warrior who for reasons of fate knows an animal of a warrior race called Aposkt, and together fight the darkness that dark king caused all regions. Many years ago, there was a dark world in which, from generation to generation, it was said that it was divided into five different regions, which were separated by dark waters, where they lived marine animals that did not allow anyone to sail in them. They were giants who devoured those who tried to cross their territori... more
  • Amazing Baby Hall Of Fame 2

    by Dionne L Fields

    Rain Fields He has been Inducted into our amazing baby Hall of fame children's book series. I believe that every child born on this earth, are so amazing. This new book series for kid's, of all ages will feature some amazing babies from all across the world. I'm only induction 1, 000 baby photos into Amazing Baby Hall Of Fame. All babies born between the years of 1920 - 2020. Everyone can submit a baby photo of an amazing baby. more