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    The Fishkill Supply Depot: Sacred Ground of the American Revolution (Michael Boyajian, author)

    I read your book and I really like what you wrote. I love the Masonic references, Rick Södler Historic Site Director

  • news: Free On Kindle July 17 to 21

    A Hudson Valley Writer's Guide (Michael Boyajian, author)

    A Hudson Valley Writer's Guide

    FREE on Kindle July 17 to 21

    A Hudson Valley Writer's Guide

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    Watcher: Book I of The Chosen (Roh Morgon, author)


    If you think there is nothing new, fresh and original in vampire fiction, you haven't read Watcher: Book 1 of the Chosen, the debut novel by Roh Morgon. I am not particularly a fan of traditional vampire stories, but I found this incredible book more engrossing than anything I have read in the genre in years. The reasons are not only the suspenseful and well written tale, but its potent underlying themes.

    Sunny Martin is attacked and ravaged ... more

  • review: Midwest Book Review

    Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home (D.M. Barr, author)

    Exceptionally well written...a consistently compelling read from beginning to end...a masterfully crafted suspense thriller that will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal reading lists and community library collections.

  • review: Richard Decker

    Redefining Success (Julio Briones, author)

    Julio’s new book Redefining Success is an excellent piece of literature. Julio shares the challenges he has had to overcome in his own life. He has worked through them in order to become successful on his terms. Now he shares the steps he took towards success. I have read other books by other authors on this topic, Julio clearly outlines the steps needed for anyone that is serious about making a positive change in their lives; others require you dig through the fluff. Julio lays out worksheets that... more

  • review: Soldier Magazine (official magazine of the British Army)

    Malcolm MacPhail's Great War (Darrell Duthie, author)

    "The concept of trench a prominent theme in this very readable work of 'faction'... The friction between HQ politics and the front line resonates throughout this tale. All in all, it is an enjoyable read."

  • news: Noted Indian poet, Vihang A. Naik, is back with his “Making A Poem”

    Making a Poem (Vihang Naik, author)

    "This book is an attempt to underscore the significance of grave yet pertinent subject throughout and readers will certainly get enthralled and immersed with its inner beauty. And that exactly is the purpose of this anthology – to cause an impact without collision. Each poem will leave an impression and will compel the reader to think and introspect!"

  • review: Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite - 5 Stars

    Fractured: Dereck Dillinger and the Shortcut to Oz (Eddie McPherson, author)

    Eddie McPherson delivers a brilliant mash up of fairy tales and stories. Dereck starts off mocking fairy tales and detesting them because his sister wants them read to her on a loop. He doesn't see the adventure and purpose the tales have, preferring superheroes over them.

    Then he ends up in this other world where he meets various characters. He even finds himself in the middle of the classic rivalry between the Wicked Witch and Glinda.

    McPherson also includes brief appearances by Jack, t... more

  • review: Suzanne Giesemann: Author(Messages of Hope)

    LOVE IS ALWAYS THE LESSON: My Stories From the Edge (Sherry Smith R.N.N.P., author)

    Twice-widowed, Sherry Smith knows what it’s like to experience the death of a close loved one. Beyond her excellent story-telling, Love is Always the Lesson shares with readers example after beautiful example of the wondrous ways that her loved ones across the veil have let her know they are still very much part of her life. This is an excellent book for anyone—not just those who are struggling with grief—who is opening to learn positive ways to deal with the challenges... more

  • review: Briar's Reviews

    One Step Ahead: The gripping crime thriller that flips the game of cat and mouse on its head (Gamekeeper Turned Poacher Book 1) (Denver Murphy, author)

    This book is a fascinating thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

    I really liked this novel, especially since it was refreshing and exciting to read. At every twist and turn I was hooked and wanted more!

    One of the best parts of this novels is the changing point of views. Switching back and forth between Brandt and Johnson with her fellow officers was an excellent way to show both sides of this crime story. I really love a good crime novel that lets you see into the... more

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    Pass The Torch: How A Young Black Father Challenges The Deadbeat Dad Stereotype (Jamiyl Samuels, author)

    Samuels provides a great detail memory of his youth with and without his father, of which many of us can relate to that change in our lives. Though, not many can eloquently challenge the stereotype that has been placed on all men regardless of the circumstance. I thank Samuels for sharing his story.

    As children it is not for us to know the details of what transpired with our parents. As parents we should not allow the emotions caught up in separation from our partner to impair any of our relat... more

  • news: Affiliate marketing meets literature: book allows readers to shop characters’

    Waiting at Hayden's (Riley Costello, author)

    Some say the best part about reading a book is imagining how characters and places look like. With “Waiting at Hayden’s”, a new e-book by Riley Costello launched this week, readers no longer have to imagine. They can actually shop the characters’ clothes and home décor.

    The digital version of the book includes links to photos and videos which show the characters wearing clothes described in the text. If interested, readers can click on those photos and videos and visi... more

  • news: Come out and support Team Amazingly Awesome Amani at Autism Speaks NYC Walk

    The Amazingly Awesome Amani (Jamiyl Samuels, author)

    Join team Amazingly Awesome Amani as we walk to raise funds for the mission of Autism Speaks, The Amazingly Awesome Trey Amani, to fuel innovative research, and make connections to critical lifelong supports and services for the autism community. Please support our cause by donating and help us reach our fundraising goal!

  • review: Readers' Favorite, LitPick, The Children's Book Review, Foreword Reviews, Kirkus

    You Gotta Have Heart (Bruce Bernstein, author)

    “…You Gotta Have Heart, has it all. …The plot, which follows a young orphaned boy as he comes of age, is inspiring, moving and unforgettable. …You Gotta Have Heart is most highly recommended.”-Readers’ Favorite, 5 Star Review

    “This is a great book for a variety of audiences.”-LitPick Student Book Reviews, 5 Star Review

    “This coming-of-age story will be sure to ... more