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  • review: Dallas Bar Association

    Cried For No One - A Legal Thriller (Hubert Crouch, author)

    "Rich with dialogue and well developed characters, the tale reveals surprising twists and turns all along the way...Grab a copy of this book and take a ride through its gripping plot, intriguing characters and shocking conclusion, all seasoned with a hearty dose of Texas flavor." - Dallas Bar Association

  • review: HR McMaster

    Hal Moore on Leadership: Winning When Outgunned and Outmanned (Mike Guardia, author)

    "Hal Moore was not only a great leader. He was also a great student and teacher of leadership. Mike Guardia has distilled General Moore's wisdom into this excellent book. Moore's lessons apply to the boardroom as well as the battlefield."

  • review:

    Shadows, Shells, and Spain (John Meyer, author)

    Shadows, Shells, And Spain by John Meyer is a perfect cocktail of travel, adventure, and mystery.

    Jamie Draper is completely lost when his wife suddenly leaves him. He quits his job and goes to Mallorca to find her. After a few months, he receives a letter from his wife asking him to walk along ancient Camino trail across northern Spain. Now, Jamie is all set to follow the trail of letters left by his wife along the walk to know why she did what she did.

    The journey to the Camino de San... more

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    The Curse of Arundel Hall (A Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery) (Volume 2) (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    Mysterious, supernatural, intriguing and quirky

    The Curse of Arundel Hall is a perfect suspenseful, murder mystery story. With just the right amount of quirky, yet believable, characters and suspects, I fell in love with this fast paced smart, who done it read.

    It’s an exceptionally well written murder mystery that is set in the beautiful land of England back in the Golden Age of the 1930’s. Author J. New take readers on a deligh... more

  • review: Reader's Favorite

    Looking for Dei (David A. Willson, author)

    Reviewed By Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers’ Favorite

    Looking for Dei by David A. Wilson is a stunning young adult fantasy tale that follows a young girl named Nara, who has been told all her life to keep her magic powers a secret. But when the day of the announcement ceremony comes around, and her best friend, Mykel, is announced as a 'cursed,' she must use her powers in order to save him. Together, Nara, Mykel and Bylo, the person who raised Nara, flee their small tow... more

  • review: Kennebec (ME) Journal

    Keys to the Truculent Me: And Other Things That Drive Me Crazy (John Branning, author)

    "If anyone could so hilariously mangle the English language with groan-inducing puns and absurd 'gift of gag' wordsmith observations, it would be Maine humorist John Branning.

    "This is a collection of 50 short essays he uses to skewer tasteless celebrities, clueless politicians, make fun of himself and puzzle over toilet paper, popular quotes, Thanksgiving recipes, New Year’s resolutions and why verb tenses make him tense.

    "Get ready to laugh at the gags, witticis... more


    Bagels & Salsa (Lara Reznik, author)

    ★★★★★ "In the novel Bagels & Salsa, author Lara Reznik writes romantic suspense with serious and light-hearted moments . . .The author is a highly skilled writer, and there is a smooth flow to the story. She introduces many characters as the plot unfolds; some are positive and supportive of the new couple, while others are simply unpleasant, or even malicious. She also includes many twists and turns to the plot, and the reader cannot foresee the ending of the book. Her portrayal of the religiou... more

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    Truth and the Serpent (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    Originality at its best!

    Truth and The Serpent by J. Rutledge is an outstanding novel and work of fiction that examines the creation story with an intriguing twist. In this excellent tale, the author explores a different take on creation by telling the story from the Serpent’s point of view on the whole matter. The Serpent’s interesting, and very informative narrative of his revelation and personal experience regarding the story is ver... more

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    The Right to the Truth (I.C. Papachristos, MD, author)

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    The discount is offered to all sales of the book’s kindle edition through the , 🇺🇸 USA store (all #American #sales of the eb... more

  • review: Melanie Bartels Graw, Publisher, Bartels Graw Consulting

    Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday (Edward C. Larson, author)

    "Reading this book is pure joy. Ed's writing is as beautiful and textural as the finest paintings. Bringing the comfort of a warm hug after returning home from an arduous journey, it is a feast for the eyes."

  • review: Chill With A Book Readers' Award

    Surviving the Fatherland: A True Coming-of-age Love Story Set in WWII Germany (Annette Oppenlander, author)

    Surviving the Fatherland by Annette Oppenlander has received a Chill with a Book Readers' Award.

    "Very well written."

    "What an amazing story of courage and resilience during war torn Germany. It was even better knowing it was true."

    Pauline Barclay
    Founder of Chill with a Book Awards

  • review: D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    Asleep from Day (Margarita Montimore, Author)

    "Simply riveting from start to finish... a captivating, literary piece that winds a path somewhere between mystery, romance, and psychological thriller."

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    Simply Being Happy: 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    Simply Being Happy by Paula Sullivan is like a breath of fresh air. Her writing style and humor, along with all her teaching and tips, will engage the reader and possibly change their life.

    We all strive for happiness. I think it is the number one thing that people desire. That’s why this book Simply Being Happy by Paula Sullivan is so pertinent and important. Without happiness, we are empty, depressed and sad. When... more

  • news: 2017 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal winner.

    An Unexpected Afterlife (Dan Sofer, author)

    An Unexpected Afterlife won the 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards Silver Medal for Religious Fiction.

  • review: By Christopher maynard Correia

    Qualiteria High (Ibidun, author)

    fantastic roller coaster ride to a boarding school like not other, I enjoyed every unexpected twisting hair raising turn of this highly entertaining page turned, it's impossible to put this book down, enjoyed it tremedously

  • review: Lizette Clarke, Author Accelerator

    Tiger Drive (Teri Case, author)

    “I LOVED Tiger Drive so much . . . I know I’ll be thinking about these characters for a long time.” —Lizette Clarke, Author Accelerator

  • review:

    Cobra Z (Necropolis Trilogy Book 1) (sean deville, author)

    Absolutely one of the best books that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long while. I have been, literally, glued to my Kindle for the past few days. I thought it was a little slow at first but then it just kept building and building.....slow my ass. I laughed, got pissed off and even shed a tear or two. Being an American I loved the jabs at our expense. No really I did......if you can't laugh at yourself then what's the point. LOVE this book.

  • review:

    Break through the Light (Sanjay Perera, author)

    This is a beautifully written multi-dimensional story that pierces the heart as much as it engages the mind. The novel is embedded with spiritual wisdom and could create spiritual states of consciousness for the reader, if the reader is ready to begin their inquiry.

    I found the characters well-developed, the story-line deceptively simple and elegant, and the ending spiritually resonant.

    Thank you Sanjay for breaking through the light.