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  • review: Kirkus

    The Preah Secrets (KB Beaumaaks, author)

    "Beaumaaks'debut combines money, sex, and double-dealing ... appropriately gossipy and informal... Unrelenting fabulousness ... A titillating ... tangled scandal." -Kirkus Reviews

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    Writing and Madness in a Time of Terror (Afarin Majidi, author)

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    NEW YORK, NY 10002

  • review: Self Publishing Review

    The Separation (Thomas Duffy, author)

    A striking vision of an extraordinarily strange future, The Separation by Thomas Duffy imagines a world where the sexual divide has never been greater – a world where men and women are unaware of the opposite sex, and kept apart for the purpose of social advancement and peace. With a small but dynamic cast of fascinating characters embroiled in this bizarre premise, this novel sings with social commentary, both about present gender conflicts and how those issues may develop in the future.<... more

  • review: Reader's Favorite

    8 Seconds to Midnight (John Leifer, author)

    Terrorist leaders of the United Islamic State are determined to strike a death blow to their hated enemy America. Having tried a biological attack the year before with some success, they are now even more determined to get it done. Their first step is procuring nuclear material from a Pakistani military installation near Islamabad for shipment to a group of radical Islamist jihadists, whose plan has been sixteen years in the making: the catastrophic destruction then subjugation of the West. Sleeper agent... more

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    Minnie's Antique & Curiosity Shoppe (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    Heartwarming, engaging and compelling!

    Liza Murphy is excited to leave home and leave her eccentric dominating mother. Her mother owns and lives in her antique shop called Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe. Liza moves to the city with determination to make it and never to return to the small town where she grew up. There she meets a man and falls in love and marries. But her marriage to cheating Taylor, doesn’t last long and Liza finds herself broke and busted. She is forced to move... more

  • review: Amazon—John

    Speaking in Tears: The Poetry in Grief (Grace Andren, author)

    This book brings you to the heart and soul of the author. The journey you take reading this book, is one that breathes. Page by page, through the words, you can feel the emotions the author is sharing with us. I highly recommend this book if you love raw, emotional, heartfelt poetry about real life. Truly a magnificent book.

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    The Ex Chronicles (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    Angie likes to daydream about movie stars and films. She is a movie buff and is constantly comparing her life to those in the limelight. One day as she is having car trouble, she meets a handsome hunk named Bryce. They hit it off and begin dating. They even move in together.

    Everything is wonderful, and she thinks he is the love of her life and that it will last forever. Or so she thinks. But then the unthinkable begins to happen. She begins to receive phone calls from a sultry voiced woman and fea... more

  • review: Harvey H. Kaiser, author, Great Camps of the Adirondacks

    The Night Is Done: A Durant Family Saga (Sheila Myers, author)

    The trilogy of the Durant family is capped by the fascinating final volume, The Night is Done. In a vein of nostalgia, the story ends in William West Durant's last years and closes out a saga of tragic proportions as the vast Durant wealth and privilege is reduced to impoverished circumstances.

  • review: Ginger Nuts of Horror

    The Village Witch (Neil Davies, author)

    The Village Witch is the seventh novel from writer, Neil Davies, and the second of three books he’s published with Omnium Gatherum. It follows the (mis)fortunes of Tim Galton, ex-special forces soldier, when he returns to his old hometown of Byre. There he encounters and saves Professor Alexander Hall and the professor’s daughter, Susan, when they are attacked in the car park by a band of youths. At first he thinks this to be nothing but a violent yet unpremeditated assault. However, the Prof... more

  • review: Angel Love - Amazon

    Hard Winter: The Novel (Neil Davies, author)

    "Hard Winter" is a mix of sci-fi and horror, and author Neil Davies does an excellent job of keeping the tension and suspense at high levels, resulting in a fast-paced, thoroughly entertaining novel. But it's not all about the plot. The characters are well-drawn, believable and easy to care about, especially Norman, who struggles hard to change and adapt to his new reality. If you like post-apocalyptic fiction, this book is a must read.

    I've come to believe that mystery is th... more

  • review: Amazon

    The Frihet Rebellion (Neil Davies, author)

    Wow! This was an amazing read. It's hard to write up a brief summary of what this book is about because there was so much going on. It opens with bodies falling, bullets flying and it doesn't stop there. I've read a lot of science fiction novels and I have to say this is one of my favorites. So much blood was shed during the course of this book as the world of Frihet rebelled against Earth. Earth's only chance for victory is the alien ship Spearhead, run by Joniskyredread, a Sklalen, who ... more

  • review: Mallory A. Haws: The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

    The Demon Guardian (Neil Davies, author)

    I found this novel engrossing from the first page, and I had no difficulty empathizing with quite a number of the characters {which does not always occur}. The plotting is taut and the theme quite intriguing (not to mention potentially apocalyptic!). In a tiny English community, laid back and quiet, a middle-aged man, unemployed, depressed, and overeating, begins to hear whispers. Sounds psychological, doesn't it? Not the case. His wife suddenly develops wild urges. Two endearing layabouts discover a... more

  • review: Veronica Smyth, Reviewer

    Mary Poser (Angel A, author)

    I loved this book but had to put it away as it gives some intimate details that my husband might refer to as book porn. Very well written though and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • review: Reader

    The Silver Thread of Life (Phillip B. Chute, EA, author)

    "I like the connection I have with this reading of your encounters with other gifted people and their experiences. Your writing really puts you in the moment of occurences of spirituality. When it comes to spirituality, nothing comes closer than bits of the Old Testament and especially to the spirituality of the American Indians."

  • review: RT Book Review 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick

    Obscurity (Jodi Ashland, author)

    Two strangers trying to get their lives back on track are thrown together in an unusual twist of fate. There is plenty of sexual tension and swoon-worthy moments in the first half of the book, while the second half is filled with twists and suspense. Ashland writes a compelling tale featuring a sexy cowboy who steals a beautiful, spunky author’s heart. This page-turner will keep readers enthralled to the end.

    Country singer Tucker Calhoun is struggling to keep his sanity. A family member has ... more

  • review: Foreward Reviews

    The Depths (Kirk Kjeldsen, author)

    The Depths

    Kirk Kjeldsen

    Grenzland Press (May 31, 2018) Softcover $12.95 (228pp) 978-0-9984657-3-9


    Kirk Kjeldsen’s The Depths takes a woman on the edge and pushes her farther, resulting in a dark, engaging, and contemplative thriller.

    After a series of miscarriages and marriage woes, Eden Lenaerts plans a Malaysian getaway with his despondent wife, Marah. The two begin to grow close again.

    On... more

  • review: Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

    Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side (Louis St Michael, author)

    “A thorough and painstakingly researched compilation of the lives and statements, as proclaimed in the Christian Bible and the Islamic Q'uran, of two of the world's most historically compelling men. . . . This is done with a scholarly and impartial aspect, without context or opinion, through the use of graphs, charts, outlines, and with unembellished backstory. Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side by Louis St Michael is almost a marvel, and it's absolutely mind-bogg... more