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  • review:, review by Maria Beltran

    Long Daze at Long Binh (Stephen Donovan, author)

    Long Daze at Long Binh is a unique take on the infamous Vietnam war... a memoir like no other... Two young Americans find themselves thrust into the bloody Vietnam war, but fortunately their story is not what many readers would most likely expect... (instead) it's a unique, witty, entertaining and hilarious roller coaster ride as the two friends reminisce about their war experiences while readers are allowed to eavesdrop on them... 5 stars.

  • news: New Kindle Version Launches for Kingston Author’s ‘FIRE FURY FREEDOM’

    Fire Fury Freedom (Amanda Rose, author)

    Kingston author Amanda Rose has launched the Kindle version of her paperback action-adventure novel, FIRE FURY FREEDOM, today on Amazon.

    FIRE FURY FREEDOM is a dystopian adventure with heavy themes on the ravages of long term global warming and the tyrannical rule of those in power who are corrupted by greed.

    With an ending that one Amazon reviewer described as “absolutely shocking”, Amanda is following up with a sequel novel, Fire Fury Frontier,... more

  • news: Local Novelist’s “The Impending End” Lands on Amazon

    The Impending End (Amanda Rose, author)

    The Impending End, a new novel centered around mental health by Kingston author Amanda Rose, arrived today on Amazon in conjunction with National Mental Health Awareness week (Oct 1-7).

    Set in 2005, the book follows Ayla Jefferson – an incredibly intelligent, sensitive, imaginative, and thoughtful 17 year-old who is contemplating suicide:

    After a life long battle with mental illness plaguing her every move, Ayla is ready for death. Eerily calm, she says her... more

  • review: Kirkus Reviews

    Never Again (Harvey A. Schwartz, author)

    America’s refusal to take in thousands of Israeli refugees incites national tumult in Schwartz’s (On a Barge in France, 2016) thriller.

    After an atomic bomb devastates Tel Aviv, two ships filled with Israeli refugees arrive at Boston Harbor. But the U.S. bars their entrance, partly due to the more recent bombing in Damascus, which most presume was Israel’s retaliation to Tel Aviv. Tensions escalate when rocket-propelled grenades—from both ships—hit Coast Guard... more

  • review: Goodreads |Dianne from Tome Tender Book Blog

    On the Count of Three (Carolyn Arnold, author)

    Personal feelings and misgivings add an extra layer of suspense to Carolyn Arnold’s ON THE COUNT OF THREE. When a woman goes missing in Miami, a favor is called in and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is wheels up, enroute to the tropical paradise. In the past, two women were found decapitated and a Miami police detective has found what she thinks is a horrific and compelling link to believe this is more than a missing person case. Now it’s up to Brandon Fisher and hi... more

  • review: Reviewed By Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

    Red Tears (Nancy Parten, author)

    Red Tears by N.K. Parten tells the story of life on the frontier in the early 1800s, from the perspective of Prudence Mims, a fourteen-year-old girl, who recounts the family’s trials in the face of hardships during early Native American battles with the military. Prudence was born during a time in history when women did not have rights, but Prudence’s parents raised her and her siblings to be strong and self sufficient. The Mims’ family plantation had been renamed Fort Mims and was bein... more

  • review: Author Anthony Avina's Blog

    To Squeeze a Prairie Dog: An American Novel (Scott Semegran, author)

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

    A group of state employees discover who they are and dream big in author Scott Semegran’s novel “To Squeeze A Prairie Dog: An American Novel”.

    The Review

    This book was very well done. A classic literary tale filled with humor and down to earth characters, readers will instantly connect to the characters that make up the book’s core group, Unit ... more

  • review: Amazon

    Finding Ava (The Ava Series Book 1) (Bryanna Ford, author)

    I can’t believe this was independently written. Such a great story and I can’t wait for the next book!!!! The author is very talented!!!!!

  • review: Awesome Gang

    Tourist's Booklet for Indian Geography and Demographics: Part 1 (Ram Sharma, Author)

    Richard Blue - "Language used is fair but knowledge given is immense, the book is nice and short"

  • review: Fanbase Press

    Stalkings (Alex Dandino, author)

    In the world of covert ops and espionage, World War II is almost legendary in its stories, both fictional and real, of code breaking, infiltration, assassinations, and intelligence gathering. Spy fiction has used the WW2 backdrop to tell stories both grounded in realism as well as pulpy and farfetched. Most of these stories center on male secret agents that run from suave and seductive to gruff and lantern-jawed; however, past this archetype, there’s a legion of women agents - vamps, femme fatales,... more

  • review: AUSTENESQUE REVIEWS, 5 Stars for #RationalCReatures

    Rational Creatures (Christina Boyd, editor (anthology))

    Oct 172018

    📷Women of Sense, Strength, and Substance

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Source: Review Copy from Editor


    With two brilliant and beautifully-crafted short-story anthologies – one devoted to Mr. Darcy and one all about Jane Austen’s bad boys – already under her belt, edito... more

  • news: Book Signing for Fishkill Supply Depot

    The Fishkill Supply Depot: Sacred Ground of the American Revolution (Michael Boyajian, author)

    We will be doing a book signing and lecture for the Fishkill Supply Depot Sacred Ground of the American Revolution at Masonic Hall, Cornerstone Lodge No. 178, 73 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, November 8. All proceeds go to the lodge.

  • news: Bag Up That Old Cultural Garbage! The Kingdom Culture Handbook: Cultivating Heav

    The Kingdom Culture Handbook: Cultivating Heaven On Earth (Jonathan McKay, author)

    Bean Station, Tn., October 16--As a society that is gripped by traditional and religious repetitions, we are in need of a fresh Biblical stance on our new cultural identities as Sons of God. Not only do we need to acknowledge this new cultural heritage, but we need to actively engage in it.

    "Out with the old and in with the new! The old man is a new creation when we are born again. Complete demolition of old systems of belief, disciplines, practices, and relational boundaries.... more

  • review: Kirkus Reviews

    Stone Heart (Jennifer L. Hotes, author)

    Secrets, lies, and teenage angst abound in Hotes’ (Josie Jameson and the Fourth Tombstone, 2015, etc.) second installment of a supernatural YA series.

    Josie Jameson is not your typical 14-year-old. After losing her mother at 8, she grows up fast, shouldering most of the household burden while her father drowns in grief. The loss hardens and matures her but also leaves many unanswered questions. Surrounded by a group of childhood friends, Josie searches for the truth about her mother ... more

  • review:

    Four Tombstones (Jennifer L. Hotes, author)

    In Four Tombstones, the first book in the Josie Jameson mystery series, four teenagers rub the headstones of four graves on Halloween night. Their leader, fourteen year-old Josie Jameson, wants to connect with her long-deceased mother—and she does so in atmospheric passages that made goosebumps erupt on this reader’s skin. Teenagers will recognize themselves and their friends in this novel’s characters. Older readers will remember the insecurity of adolescence and the importance of a fe... more

  • review: Monica, Goodreads

    Our Sweet Destiny (Sweet with Heat: Weston Bradens Book 2) (Addison Cole, author)

    "...a secret feud that goes back centuries, and the blossoming of forbidden love, this book takes you on an emotional ride to the very last page."

  • review: USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry

    Wicked Whiskey Love: Sexy Standalone Romance (Melissa Foster, author)

    "Another amazing installment in Melissa Foster's Whiskeys series! This hero is so sexy, so steady and so utterly devoted to his lady, you can't help but fall in love from the very beginning."

  • news: Interview-Jill Dobbe

    Only in India: Adventures of an International Educator (Jill Dobbe, author)

    Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
    I am an international educator who has lived and worked in seven different countries. I currently live in Honduras where I work at an American school. I write travel articles and take photos and have been published in several magazines. I have also published three travel memoirs/travelogues.

    What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
    My latest travel memoir is Only in India: Adven... more

  • review: Kirkus

    A Fish Called Bad Eyes (Larry Golicz, author)

    Bad Eyes, a fish with poor eyesight, swims with his school of Manini (also known as surgeonfish) around their home
    reef in Hawaii. Having bad eyesight is dangerous in this environment because of the many predators that catch and eat
    Manini. Swimming nearer the surface one day, Bad Eyes encounters humans: a girl, Marsha, exploring the reef with her
    marine biologist father in a boat. When her glasses fall off, they somehow attach themselves to Bad Eyes. To his
    amazement, he can now see ... more

  • review:

    BURDENED (Edwin J McBride, author)

    An emotional story I enjoyed the tension and development of the characters in this book and found the story delved into great aspects of the characters. A very good read without too much in your face style. Thoroughly recommend. It was like The Horse Whisperer or The Notebook. Will be watching out for this Author's next work.

  • review: Chick Lit Cafe

    A Place Called Schugara (Jewel Hart, contributor)

    A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is a literary masterpiece. In it we have three main characters that all descend on the Caribbean island of Mabouhey. Travers Landeman, an Ohio businessman, Albert Sidney McNab, an insurance investigator from New York, and a bookseller from Chicago, Joe Rogers, all connect on the small island. Each has his own story and reason for going to the island and each finds much more than he anticipated. Their destinies end up being tied to one another as they creati... more