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S. A. Mahan
A Pigeon's Tale
S. A. Mahan, author
The Big One is coming, the end of this age of man, and it is up to a young homing pigeon named Walter to lead his human friends to safety. Join young Walter Pigeon as he escapes the terrible claws of a one-eyed wildcat, flees to the safety of the 'big city’ pigeons, flies south for the winter and finds a human family to take him in. And then...The Big One! To survive The Big One, Walter must use everything at his disposal to survive: the vast collective memory of all pigeons of all time, morphic resonance, an instantaneous communication between birds that seems to occur on a sub-quantum level, and his wonderful lineage as a fine homing pigeon with a famous great-great-great grandfather, one of the greatest heroes of all pigeon time! His human friend, Grandpa, or Sir Alfred Jerome, an enlightened man, is the greatest of all scientists, and has found a way to save millions of children from the impending destruction of The Big One. He has built Skynest, a shining city in the sky! But he will need Walter's help, and the help of The Great White Stork to save the one child he loves the most, his little granddaughter Dottie. This is an epic yarn that will have young readers demanding to change the National Bird of America from the bald eagle to the wonderful, heroic pigeon! And with very good reason! Show less
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5 stars!

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

A Pigeon's Tale by S.A. Mahan is the cute little story of a young pigeon called Walter, who has the responsibility of leading his human friends to safety from the destruction of the Big One. Walter escaped the claws of a wildcat and finally finds a human family who takes care of him. Walter also has to find ways to survive the Big One which going to end the human race. Sir Alfred Jerome, his human friend who is also a scientist, has built a shining city in the sky, Skynest, to save the children from destruction. Alfred Jerome will need Walter's help and also that of the Great White Stork to save his granddaughter, Dottie. Will Walter be able to help? Will Walter emerge to be the hero in this survival game?

This story will captivate not only children, but also adults. Its a classic story with a lot of fluid movements that make it fast paced and exciting for readers. The plot has many layers that keep the interest going till the very end. Readers get to know more about pigeons and their history by the time they complete the book. It throws light on the pigeon like never before. The story is well written and Walter Pigeon's character is memorable. Children will love Walter. The educational side of the story is also useful for kids to improve their knowledge about pigeons. It's a delightful book worth reading.