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...And Then I Met the Getty Kouros
…And Then I Met The Getty Kouuros is a memoir that chronicles the remarkable story of Jack Njdeh Yaghoubian, the son of Armenian Genocide survivors who has made a huge impact on the world of engineering in the United States and around the world.This Armenian-Iranian-American odyssey is a story of one life with three rich and distinct cultures as an omnipresent backdrop to a prolific career in earthquake engineering. Yaghoubian developed and holds the patent for an ingenious mechanical joint system that enabled the broken Getty Kouros statue of a nude male to stand on its own two marble feet after 2,500 years.The memoir touches on many personal as well as professional subjects: growing up in the Armenian minority in Iran during the 1950s, the challenges of adapting to student life in America, the ways in which careers are shaped, playing a role in innovative engineering initiatives, and what it means to be an informed citizen in one’s adopted country.