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...and yet they learned - Education of Jewish Children In Nazi Occupied Areas Between 1933-1945
This book looks at efforts to education Jewish children who lived under Nazi occupation in Europe and North Africa between 1933-1945. This clandestine "schooling" took place in cities, ghettos, concentration camps, orphanages, forests, and hidden in Christian convents, monasteries, and in Moslem homes. This work shows that despite severe restrictions and enormous hardship there were often adults who took responsibility for provided beleaguered children with "schooling" that gave them some semblance of normality. In addition to providing information about the extent of the effort to provide education to Jewish children during the Shoah, the book describes pedagogical theories and methods that may be transferable to some contemporary educational settings not only in places where there is war, but also where social and political upheaval and communal violence exist. It is a well-documented book, written in a narrative style that would be of interest to scholars, educators, and a general readership.