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Dominique jenkins
Descents Vodka'
-lucky bones & steady conquert is my name: Dominique .T. Jenkins "the sister" . -Nothing can stand-out more than 'Loyalty, Money & Education of Yearly Communion . As a young woman whose Life depends on everything & everyone to make the right Bucks in Life to out defind the next Script in her Life after family & honor society school are all put on hault , Graduated ;but nothing changes around her but teasers & self-discipline. Lots of people personals such as theraputic backgrounds also communist to look too, every year after an Rental Home Lifestyle .Other reasons are she has not an dime of money too start off with but the early 2000s , when she moves ;friends and family where considered as faults in stabled homes. becomes the first ebony mogule artist 2000s furture ,sister, brother & mother are all-time drinks/alcoholics whom can only work part-time ,yearly salary . One engaged mogule , one mother, one boy & one girl, father jesus ;left alone with 5 visits of different men 3years apart as mobsters ,unity.