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#HelpHope 7 Qauntum Humanomics
Solomon Atah, author
Africa is at the turning point of the thought-leader revolution. The 7 Humanomics lead the reader to a new hope for our future, for connecting with each other to form an unbreakable net of HOPE. Our personal stories need to be shared to bring about shared experiences: a sharing that will form a collective shield against forces intent on destroying our humanity. Collective consciousness is aided by giving of ourselves to reflect each other’s strengths, and is the only way to honour our heroes. Our reward is to harvest the bounty of giving, of sharing of ourselves. From Africa comes this voice of HOPE, to lead us to a new way of thinking about our purpose in life. #HelpHope - 7 Quantum Humanomics is a call to action, for all of us to think about the impact we currently have, and can have, to leave this world a better place for those who come after us. Each Quantum details the thought behind it to provoke the reader to view his purpose in a new light, and then to act upon that insight. Quantum One: Power of personal story - Finding your true self and celebrating your own uniqueness. Quantum Two: #HelpHope - How locking into each other’s hopes can create a powerful collective thinking to help HOPE achieve greater things than the individual can. Quantum Three: Quantum Collective - How connecting with the dreams and hopes of our forebears can help us reach greater heights in our humanity. Quantum Four: Pass it On - The act of Giving - Urges those with current skills and knowledge to pass them on to those younger or unable to understand their power. Quantum Five: Echoing Each Other - By reflecting our individual hopes off each other, the spread of that pool of thinking will gather speed to eventually infiltrate every conscious thought process. Quantum Six: Heroes Amongst Us - Learning from our heroes, those icons of deep thought who have gone before us, will show us the path to finding our true purpose and contribution to Helping Hope. Quantum Seven: Harness to Harvest - Through giving in abundance, we can harvest in abundance from others in the collective thought of HOPE.
Pro. Barwa Kanyane



Bricks made towers, rocks made Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest, Chomolungma. The same can be said with Porch and Rolls Royce made by factory material, so is this book made by philosophical librettos of wisdom expressed together to make a meaningful and exquisite messaging storyline. Solomon Atah should be congratulated for his bravery by penning down this book of original thought to tell his own story of humanomics, which is combinatorial of humanity and economics underpinned by hope hinged on endogenous and exogenous axis of contributing to the common course. His name Solomon, speaks volumes as similitude of the wise man of age. This book questions individualities to come closer to our original existence; less if we do not, our thoughts will suffer dinosaurian extinction. The author deconstructs neocolonial and imperialist thoughts and argues our original existence to be equal to the task as Africans in all facets of humanity. It is for this reason that in my review of the book, I came to a conclusion that if devoted to read it in solitude and quietude from alpha to omega, you will not be lured to live in a cocooned world of indoctrinated stereotypes but will be determined to pursue humanomics mega trends and quest for human emancipation, less we are notoriously judged by history.


This book is composed of seven quanta. Quantum one reflects individual existence and insists on telling the world about your own brand and then transcends to quantum two. This is where you will find ‘hope’ overtly pronounced. Quantum two extends to quantum three covering sufficient grounds about quantum collective, demanding Africans to stand out to protect the continent from harbingers of destruction, and therefore calls for mind refinery of thought process. Quantum four therefore nuances ‘giving’ and this is self-explanatory yet unpracticed often than not and unravels the question why giving is often unpracticed and suggest some nuggets of wisdom as the secret to living is not dictated by material conditions, but by ‘giving’ itself. In quantum five, the book heightens to a robust multiplier ripple effect which is critical in our lives to refuse to back bite each other in the board rooms and also in the public. Quantum six reflects the outcome of individuality, collectivism and the hope that sparks the humanity to become heroes and heroines of philanthropic footprints. Don’t be a hero or heroine in whom the world will frown at you and shun your works, but become the league of your own and be the beacon of hope against world anxieties; quantum six warns. Quantum seven conclude the whole storyline of the book by calling everyone to deconstruct bad histories of the past and construct trajectory and historiography that we can be proud of harvesting in the African continent where monuments or statutes of xenophobic attacks, vandalism, environmental degradations and stereotypic mindsets have collapsed to nonexistence. 


As I am an old-style scholar who always worries about books expressed in disjointed and disoriented storylines and dominant absoluteness of the authors as if knowledge production is all-exclusive, this book is an exception as the citations of prolific writers and thinkers employed in this book enriched the thought process. In the event that any thought has been incorrectly attributed or credited or omitted, the author will be pleased to rectify these omissions at the earliest opportunity like he did during the writ-ups and critical reviews expressed in this book.


Hitherto, this book has been written in a manner that is natural, yet it takes you deep in thought and compels you to think and act extraordinaire. So, you can’t afford to miss to read this book; do yourself a favor!


Modimowabarwa Kanyane is a research scientist at the HSRC and professor extraordinaire at TUT.