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"I AM the Origin of Species!"
Maurice Suwa, author
“If Jesus Were Writing To Our Dying World Today, What Would He Say?” —to Galapagos and Darwin (Evolution): “O man, the splendid earth [with its fullness] and the universe [in its glory] did not ‘self-assemble.’ I the Lord God made them, and my name is Yahweh … Now, return from folly and seek wisdom; regain pure knowledge and attain true science—for then you will discern that I AM THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES!” —to Ur and Shinar (America): “O America, I am your Liberty, and you are that huddled mass yearning to breathe free. I am your Lighthouse, the One beaconing [yea, beckoning], and you are that wayfarer—strayed, grayed, and frayed … Now, return, you tempest-tost; lift up your gaze to the lighted torch aloft the golden door and come home.”