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Mark Martin
"I'll Look to the Sky!"

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

A RETRO TALE OF STAR-CROSSED HOLLYWOOD Long before such relationships became acceptable in today's society, a beautiful and talented thirty-six year-old divorcée with two daughters fell in love with an aspiring acting student of twenty-two. Faced with the prospect of being the older woman in a tenuous relationship, she entered a world of the dreams and passions of young Hollywood hopefuls; finding love, disillusionment and resilient self-discovery. Told from the perspectives of two men and two women, the story explores their psyches; their hopes, aspirations, struggles, consequences; and above all, their personal triumphs as they strive for their individual goals in pursuit of their dreams. Set at a prestigious theatre arts college in Pasadena of 1968 and later in a changing Hollywood of the enchanted and free-spirited 1970's, the story not only follows the relationships of the central characters; it provides an insightful look back at the exploits and camaraderie of eclectic lifestyles of the time.