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"The Real Ghost"
Ichabod Jordan sets out to prove that he saw Babe Ruth after everyone in town calls him a liar because he has told, what they believe to be, lies before. He begins an investigation into the events surrounding the night he saw Babe Ruth. His bully friends who are harassing the local kid hater, the UFO adults on the airport runway, the positive-thinking mortician, his suspicious newspaper boss, the reclusive newspaper photographer, the Patton-like town mayor, the wolverine-type police chief and the boy’s parents all claim to have seen a lighted object in the sky, but not Babe Ruth, the same one Ichabod saw draw Babe Ruth disappear in it. When Ichabod gets his girlfriend, Ruthie, to go with him to where he saw Babe Ruth, to witness seeing him again, a terrifying experience takes them into the world of the paranormal/supernatural that transforms Ichabod and the townspeople into completely different people.