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"We live in Social Space: A window to a new science"
The physical sciences have produced remarkably successful science about physical space -- enabling us to go to outer space, and more. We do not have a comparable science about social space -- where we actually live our lives. Developing a viable science is crucial if our species is to survive. Don't forget, this past century, we humans killed over 100 million of our fellow human beings. Obviously we are not in control of our social space. My book is an effort to jump start a real science about Social Space. To do so, It uses a basic technique from the physical sciences -- the use of constructs. The book gives new illumination to many facets of our life --from our sexuality to willingness to believe in false messiahs, to mention just a couple. ISBN: 978-1-5246-5974-5 (sc) ISBN: 978-1-5246-5973-8 (e)