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0.1% Beyond Human Reality: An innocent Look into Existence and the potential of Being Human
S.S. López, author
0.1 percent is a humble journey through the murky waters of human nature, existential doubt, suffering, and human potential. The 99.9 percent offers a starting point to understanding humanity through current human realities. Rational, subjective, deep-subjective, intersubjective, and virtual realities form the backbone of how we perceive, analyze, and rationalize whatever this thing is that we call existence. The book offers the reader some perspective on the obstacles we face while living completely unaware of our whole vital experience in the world and the endless potential we possess as human beings in such an inter-correlated universe. Once we are clear about our limitations, our values, and deep layers of existence, we enter the realm of our 0.1 percent. Here we are fully self-aware, creators of our own experiences with our own self-made choices, taking full responsibility for ourselves and the world. We can begin to dream of giving purpose to our life. 0.1 Beyond Human Reality confronts us with the realization that we are the origin of all coming evil as well as the most awe-inspiring acts of kindness.