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James Bruno
James Bruno, author
A self-centered, blue-blooded Secretary of State, an arrogant White House Chief of Staff and a smug, sexually vulnerable National Security Advisor sell out to the American and Russian mobs to re-elect a weak President Corgan at all costs. American ambassadors and KGB officers who get in the way are killed. Diplomat Bob Innes stumbles into this conspiracy of political intrigue and murder. He and a young aide to one of the slain ambassadors, Colleen McCoy, become the targets of hired assassins and Russian mafia hitmen. On the run, they seek to expose the deceit and cover-ups. And they fall in love. With Lydia, a beautiful Russian escort to powerful men, they work with the FBI to bring about the downfall of the President's men and the destruction of the Russian mob's Godfather. Al Malandrino, a colorful New York mob boss, becomes their unexpected ally. The quick-paced action takes place in Moscow, New York, Washington, San Francisco, New Orleans and Bangkok. The story climaxes with a plot to assassinate a popular presidential rival, known as the "Cajun Kennedy." Written by a former insider, PERMANENT INTERESTS authentically captures political intrigue, greed and treachery in the highest levels of government. And shows how it all comes crashing down in the face of relentless pursuit of the truth by the system's would-be victims...
NYT Bestselling author Tim Green

"A frightening story that gets you thinking, what if . . ." --Tim Green, the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen highly successful suspense novels --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.