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James Bruno
James Bruno, author
Political turmoil engulfs Cuba. As the Castros' rendezvous with mortality finally arrives, FBI Agent Nick Castillo is swept up in a maelstrom of espionage, intrigue and guerrilla war. Amazon Kindle Bestselling author James Bruno delivers another knockout thriller! Cuba roils with political unrest as Fidel and Raul Castro sink deeper into dementia and failing health. In a desperate ploy to save the communist regime, sultry Cuban spymaster Larisa Montilla takes on the CIA in a tit-for-tat shadow war of assassination. As the bodies pile up, FBI Agent Nick Castillo defies orders and travels clandestinely to Havana to save would-be defector Colonel Henrique Marcial from joining the body count. But Nick gets more than he bargained for. He falls into a trap set by Montilla, Fidel's heir to power. When torture fails to pry secrets from Nick, the cunning and beautiful Montilla applies the power of seduction - and he succumbs. But Montilla's leverage over Nick is matched by his discovery of a deep secret in her past, leading to a war of wits. Nick escapes and joins Col. Marcial's growing guerrilla force to oust the Castro regime. Washington calls Nick back to ferret out a web of spies deep inside the U.S. government which Havana has patiently built up over the years -- traitors who are hemorrhaging official secrets. But he must navigate a wilderness of mirrors that leads him to an assassination plot against the Castros' No. 1 enemy - the President of the United States. Steeped in the world of government secrets, with service in Cuba and Gitmo, the author makes you feel like you've been cleared into a Top Secret program, confident that you have the inside information.
Raymond Benson, NYT bestselling author of James Bond and Tom Clancy novels

"Havana Queen isred hot.  James Bruno establishes a visceral sense of place, tells anintriguing story, and delivers a Cuban cigar box full of thrills. "
~ Raymond Benson, NYT bestselling author of James Bond and Tom Clancy novels