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The culture we live in promotes the belief that a 'skinny' or 'ripped' body is a means to the coveted ideal of happiness. Most diets ignore the mind although your physical health depends on it. Depression can lead to death, anxiety damages the body, and sadness or stress often leads to overeating. Even simple bad eating habits are enforced in the subconscious mind and losing weight is often more dependent on behavior modification and a change in perception, rather than just a change of diet or exercise. If you work on the mind or body alone, it will have some sort of spillover effect and the one will impact the other. However, when you focus on both mind and body simultaneously, you create an almost magical synergy , causing a greater impact than if you treat them separately. The reciprocal relationship between mind and body was already known to many of the greatest physicians and philosophers through the centuries, like Hippocrates (460-370 BC) and Maimonides (1135-1204). Of late, modern day psychology and nutritional science are taking a renewed interest in the ancient perspectives on happiness and weight loss. The MIND BODY SYNERGY Diet identifies fundamental principles in both ancient and current research, providing a practical system for mastering mindfulness and weight loss. Inspired by his own weight loss struggles and life challenges, author David Zulberg refined and tested this system over 18 years, with thousands of success stories. Practical guidelines for managing stress, anger, break-ups, loneliness, altering your perception, and mindful eating are interwoven into a step-by-step method for changing your meals, snacking, and exercise habits. The concept of Subconscious Habit Formation is introduced with a realistic method for unleashing its power, so you can make changes at the source and forever. You will learn how to break the cycle of addiction, make new healthy habits stick, and start a down to earth program of meditation. Zulberg's plan has just six habits, implemented at the right pace. You add one new habit every 5 days, for 30 days. That s it. Four habits relate to your diet, one habit to fitness, and one habit to mindfulness. There are also over 60 healthy and delicious recipes, with beautiful images, by well-known chefs and nutritionists. On the Mind Body Synergy program, your pounds will automatically fall off and you will notice a positive shift in perception, no matter what life throws at you. It is not because you are actively seeking these results but as an expected consequence of reclaiming your born right to be in touch with your natural instincts - a mind body synergy.