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1066 What Fates Impose
G K Holloway, author

It's mid 11th century England and King Edward has no successor. There are many claimants eager to take the crown. Power struggles break out in court and there are enemies abroad. Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, is seen by many as the only man fit to replace the old king. He has powerful friends and two women who love him but he also has enemies who will stop at nothing to gain power. Intrigues and assassinations pave the way to the Battle of Hastings.

Historical Novel Society

Holloway sets his story in an England unknowingly on the brink of being changed forever; it's the middle of the 11th century. King Edward is on the throne but has not named a successor and the best man in the kingdom, Harold Godwinson, the Earl of Wessex, has rancorous nobles and a fractious north to contend with. It's a testament to Holloway's considerable story telling powers that this very familiar setting becomes vibrant with tension as the chapters go in - all his characters, whether heroic or craven or slightly insane (and regardless of how much of the book they take up), are thoroughly fleshed out, and the raw, uncompromising  world of pre-Conquest England in accurate, memorable detail. Godwinson is, of course, the most detailed character here, full of common sense and resolute heroism in the face of not one but two invasions, and the Conquest itself is rendered with fresh vigour, (the author makes few pretenses about his hatred for the Normans but in this case the partisan zeal works in his book's favor). There's quite a bit of humanity in these pages but no sentimentality, and as a result, the frequently-told story of 1066 comes alive again. An extremely promising debut - highly recommended.