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Since the beginning of our evolutionary history humans have proven to be the most aggressive and violent of all species on this planet. The historical evidence, which is in no way complete in spite of the many examples in my book, clearly illustrates man's ability to set aside his compassion and empathy not just for other humans but all living things, including environments necessary for other living species to survive. Yet with all the history of conquerors, world wars, civil wars, genocides, massacres, ethnic cleansing, colonialism, slavery, human trafficking, domestic violence, crime, corruption, terrorism, racism, human sacrifices, religious wars, and the likes of Stalin, Hitler and Mao Zedong murdering well over a hundred million humans in the 20th century.... most people we come in contact in our every day lives don't seem like vicious war mongers and killers. How do we explain all the horrific history humans are responsible for and continues into the 21st century!!!
This is precisely the purpose of this thesis I have written... the how and why of human history.

- Self-Publishing Review-

"Perspective: Making Sense of It All by Nathan Shasho aims to inform the reader about virtually everything. From the Big Bang onward, the reader is given a summation of big events, people,and ideas that make up the human experience. It's an ambitious and comprehensive undertaking. By book's end, you'll have a new understanding of science, religion, war,and beyond.
Perspective includes an encyclopedia's worth of information and if you are looking for a short primer on a lot of these issues, Perspectives does offer a lot of important info. The book may not be groundbreaking, but it could be helpful to have all of this information in one place. There is an amazing breadth of research here, and Shasho is a concise and engaging writer. If you want a brief history of the world, this book is a good place to start."


-Outskirts Press Review-

Drawing on his numerous degrees in the sciences, Perspective author Nathan Shasho offers a new perspective on the nature and history of humans. Through lenses as diverse as anthropology, chemistry, neuropsychology, astronomy, geology and physics, readers delve into the evolution of the universe, earth, and humans. This includes humanity's "dark side" of conflict, war, genocide, massacres, slavery,and human trafficking. Rather than leaving readers grasping at the pieces, Shasho then puts all this history into perspective and formulates a way of making sense of it all. He offers a light along the path to critical thinking.