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21 DAYS IN MAUI: How I gave myself persmission to be free.
P.L. Como, author
In a corporate job that was stiffling her and on the brink of divorce, P.L. Como saved every vacation day she could muster to regroup. The plan? 21 days. In Maui. By herself. Her quest kicked off with a prolific tarot card reading by a beautiful German woman chopping an avocado. It led her to a spiritual talk at the Temple of Peace, on a full moon labyrinth walk with a wild haired Goddess, along the treacherous Road to Hana, and up a volcano to witness the sun rising through the clouds. She joined communal dinner parties with international guests, paid a visit to a magical forest lady, and joined the ‘BBQ, Bonnets & Badminton’ event at the bohemian art house where she was staying. She did yoga, wore halter tops and started saying “aloha,” “mahalo,” and “super cool.” But the true journey was happening within. Each day and with every adventure, she resolved to push through self imposed barriers, release inner obstacles and reawaken what she knew when she was 12 and riding her mini mist bicycle down 147th Avenue, with no hands and her hair whipping in the wind. Like international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, Como’s memoir of a physical and spiritual journey will have women asking deep questions about their own lives and seeking innovative ways to find meaningful answers.