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Bridget Finnegan
Author, Illustrator
33 Amazing Women
Meet 33 amazing women in author and illustrator Bridget Finnegan's latest coloring book for grown-ups. Combining art with humor and now education, her Doc MacDoodle® series is a standout in the coloring book craze. Finnegan's humor and whimsical illustrations set her coloring books apart from others on the market. The Doc MacDoodle series is friendly for people of all ages and all skills levels, designed to be a form of therapy rather than frustration. The illustrations vary in complexity. Josephine Baker, who received the French Medal of Honor after working for the resistance during World War II, is one of Finnegan's inspirations. She is featured in the book as well as Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Amy Winehouse and Margaret Mead. Colorists will learn about the beehive ladies, including the inventor of the beehive hairdo, and a variety of other amazing women like the only female leader of China for four millennia, the first woman in recorded history to earn her living as a writer, and a woman who became a regular on What's My Line?