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Shea Zeigler
Author, Service Provider
5 codes to building your Queendom
Shea Zeigler, author
Welcome to your new beginning, wether your becoming a better you or starting your entrepreneurial journey this book is for you. We all get to a point where we wonder what’s next or what we can do to move forward. The 5 codes to building your Queendom was written to make these thoughts less of a headache for you. Code 1: ESTABLISH YOUR REIGN, finding your legacy. Code 2: TAP INTO YOUR ROYALNESS, knowing who you are. Code 3: HAVE SOUND COUNSEL, find people who mean well for you. Code 4: PUT ON YOUR CROWN, become who your supposed to be. Code 5: RUN YOUR EMPIRE, live and do what your put here for purpose driven. I hope you find this book fitting for all your Queendom needs.