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50 Faces of Happy

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

A social scientist and professor set out on a road journey across the USA and Canada to discover what happiness meant to people. He conducted 500+ interviews with people he met at random, asking them Five Big Questions—questions about work, money, life, purpose, and happiness. The book showcases 50 of these interviews, in pictures and prose composed in the voice of the featured persons. Some answers echo our own; some offer worldviews that will amaze and inspire us. All offer food for contemplation. Self-help category has a mixed-blessings stereotype. This is not a typical self-help book. By design, the book contains no prescriptions, no theory, no survey research findings, no summary of received wisdom. Nor does it contain any guide (e.g., 30 days’ plan; or “Do this, do that, etc.). Instead it is a collection of short narratives, supplying illustration and ingredients to craft our own answers to the Five Questions. A Work Sheet included in the book invites the reader to update their answers every year, thus exploring and experiencing deeper layers of happiness. In 4-color on glossy paper in a coffee table book format, the book is designed to be pleasing to hold and view. Around the coffee table, it is a conversation piece. In Book Club discussions, it is a catalyst for sharing and bonding, as readers discuss the featured profiles and as they craft their own, individually or with mutual guidance.