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Emma Marie
6 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing an SEO Agency
Emma Marie, author
The need for SEO is brought about by the need to stay on top of your competitor. You need a strong online presence which will translate to the increase in revenue for your business. It starts with hiring the right manpower to manage your SEO needs. However, not every SEO company will be the right fit for your small business. You thus have to ask the right questions and they include:

Can I see your portfolio for past projects or clients?

It is similar to reviews. You can get a list of clients they have worked with and contact them to hear their side of the story. The SEO agency you are interviewing should have a clear portfolio of businesses they have worked with before. Use this list to choose a few agencies that meet your business criterion.

What guarantees do you give that my site will rank at the top?

Guarantees should be there so that they can be accountable when such promises are not met. It may be weekly or monthly depending on the agency. After hearing out the strategies they will use to improve your site’s SEO, they have to offer a guarantee on how they will get your sit at the top. You need to know every step or changes they make to give your site a strong online presence.

How good are you with local SEO?

You cannot market your business to the outside world and forget the local market. Local SEO should be a priority and thus your SEO agency should understand the local SEO. They should optimize your site locally and improve ranking on the same.

What do you use to monitor the progress of the campaigns?

Google analytics help to measure the success of the campaigns. You have to know if the agency understands or has experience in the use of Google analytics in measuring the progress of the strategy they have put in place. Not all agencies will understand how to measure or monitor the progress of the strategies they have deployed.

How often will you update me?

Updates will help you know what is going on or the progress of the campaigns. You need to know what you are paying for and if you are on the right track regarding the objectives you have set. A good SEO agency like will inform you in every step of the way in terms of the strategies they use, the progress and how it affects your revenue. They will produce weekly or daily reports to help you keep track of what is happening.

What is your billing rate?

After all, is said, you have to ask the key question. Can you afford what they have to offer? Is it within your budget? Just because a SEO company has the right expertise, technology, and reviews, does not mean they are right for your business if the price is not right. You have to go for those whose billing you can afford without hurting your business. Remember that marketing is just a part of what your business needs in terms of funding.