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Kevin Nelson
Author, Editor (anthology)
6 Must-Have Apps For Overworked Students
Kevin Nelson, author

Today, students have access to a full range of free resources that make their academic progress smooth and easy, for example, write a great nature vs nurture argument essay. Besides, there are plenty of useful tools to track and organize this process, and anyone can choose from a vast list of apps to make use of. But, of course, choosing several essential apps from a multitude of free and commercial projects is not always easy. So, we’ve created a list of the most essential tools students simply cannot do without.


Scribd is essentially an online library — so far, one of the largest academic resources students can make use of. It features not only books, news and magazine articles, but also a collection of audiobooks for those students who love to learn new things on the go. The tool is available both for Apple and Android users, and it also has a Kindle version.

The app is not free, though — the subscription starts at $8.99 a month; but, you can always start with a free trial — the free period is 30 days, which is more than enough to decide whether you need this resource or not. In our opinion, the tool is well worth the cost — most newly published academic resources can only be viewed for a certain price, anyway. And, since Scribd offers an unprecedented amount of fresh, academically viable information on a variety of subjects, the subscription cost is truly a bargain.


What you cannot possibly escape in college, whether you want it or not? Right — academic writing assignments that follow a rather specific set of rules. A lot of beginning students have difficulty with academic formatting, especially when it comes to bibliography page. The fact that different professors require papers in different academic formats does not make students’ life any easier, either.

This is exactly where EasyBib comes in. Sure, it will not help you structure your entire essay according to APA, MLA, or Chicago formatting requirements; however, it will quickly take care of your bibliography page — absolutely free of charge.

Note, however, that even though the app gives a chance to automatically structure your reference page, you should still keep an eye on the latest formatting guidelines — just to be on the safe side.


There are plenty of reminder apps out there, but the biggest perk Clear offers is a chance to subdivide the to-do lists and the alerts into several categories. Thus, you can have separate to-do lists and separate reminders for your studies, personal affairs, etc. You can create and manage any number of different lists, separating your grocery shopping chores from, say, contacting a resume writer service — all in one place.

The app is available for $9.99 on iTunes and is quite a good bargain for its amazing decluttering possibilities. If you are an Android user or simply prefer non-commercial software, though, you might have to look a little bit further. But once again, finding a reminder app to your liking is not a problem these days.


Even though reminder apps can prove pretty helpful, they are not the best fit for planning your homework and study schedule. After all, there are so many things to keep in mind while studying — the test dates, the final exams, the pending projects, etc. Studious is designed to help you manage all of those in one place.

The app is available both for iOS and Android. For the functionality this amazing homework planner offers, the price is incredibly low — just $1.99.


Tuition fees are burden enough already; but, every student knows that those are not all the expenses associated with education. With every new semester, students should purchase textbooks — textbooks they will no longer need in a couple of months.

Chegg offers a great solution to the problem — do not buy, rent. With the help of this free app, you can find practically any textbook you like, rent it for a couple of months, and then re-rent it to a new person when the semester is over.

Besides, Chegg is a web-based platform so you can use it on any device and/or operational system.


Have you ever accidentally deleted a document? Misplaced it? Wanted to continue working on your file but could not because you left your laptop at home? Dropbox solves all of these problems — just download the app and sync all of your study-related files online. Later on, you'll have access to them from any device. The app is free, but if you need a lot of storage space, you may need to pay extra for the subscription.

Sure, this is just the top of the iceberg. There are plenty of other specialized apps for students in different majors — and you are free to explore these options as well. The list above, however, is quite universal and will prove handy for all students, no matter if they majoring in exact, social sciences, or humanities.