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7+ Visual Features of Facebook you are not Utilized.
Neeraj Sahu, author

7+ Visual Features of Facebook you are not Utilized.

1. Interest list

Interest Lists is a Facebook highlight that was presented around 3 years back. At the time,it totally changed what number of us utilized Facebook.  In case you're a long-term Twitter client, you thoroughly understand records and how they help you see what you truly need to see on Twitter - which is packed. Interest Lists on Facebook customer service toll free number does fundamentally something very similar. They are truly easy to make as well. Simply go here and snap "Make List"  When you do this, you would then be able to start adding Pages and Friends to your rundown. The incredible thing I adore about Interest Lists is it gives you a chance to compose what you see on Facebook so you don't get occupied by all the commotion hurrying over your News Feed. 


Certainly, it's extraordinary to see your old secondary school school mate and discover that his child is presently moved on from first grade, yet it's been 25 years and you haven't seen that individual. Stalking individuals on Facebook isn't prompting more cash in your pocket! Utilizing these rundowns, I pursue the pages I cherish and need to draw in with. My preferred one I made is classified "Online networking Resources," and it presently has over 10k devotees! When you make an Interest List, you can discover it on the left sidebar on the Facebook landing page. Effectively click on it to see what's been posted. 

2. Send and Receive Money 

Next time your sibling's vehicle stalls, and he needs money to pay for vehicle fixes - rather than managing Western Union, you can send cash directly inside Facebook! You do this through Facebook Messenger - by means of work area or versatile applications. 

You'll need a platinum card added to your record so remember that - I can't include my plastic since it's sponsored by Discover. 

3. Facebook Moments 

Ever go to a gathering or occasion and either overlook your telephone (camera) or the battery runs dead? It transpires constantly! 

What sucks is you don't get any photographs from the occasion. You're left with just the recollections. 

Or then again perhaps you're with a gathering and every one of you 10 solicit the needy individual forgot about from the shot to snap a photo with their telephone. Yuck. With Facebook Moments, clients can secretly match up photographs so nobody is forgotten about!

4. Facebook Video Calls 

Facebook now enables you to make FREE video calls through the Messenger versatile application or on your work area! 

  1. You needn't bother with inconvenient projects like Skype any longer! 

  2. To begin a video call: 

  3. Open a talk window with a companion 

  4. Snap in the upper right corner 

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In the event that your companion isn't right now ready to get a video they will be turned gray out, and you'll see a message that says, "[Name] is as of now inaccessible for video calling." 

5. See First

One of the most exceedingly awful things that occurs on Facebook is feeling the loss of a significant post by a companion, relative, or business page. Ever kept running into somebody you know and they ask, "Did you see my Facebook post?" and you need to state "Nope"...Well now you can stay away from those ungainly minutes by utilizing the "See First" highlight on Facebook. What this element does is enable you to assign what individuals and pages you need to see at the highest point of the News Feed whenever you sign in - on a versatile or work area. I cherish this. Presently I can put notable individuals at the highest point of my feed and never miss a post! 

6. Spare Feature

We're all excessively occupied. Here and there when you're on Facebook, you don't have sufficient energy to peruse an article or watch a video that a companion or Page shares. In any case, previously, you'd need to do it right at that point or you'd most likely miss it since the News Feed moves so quick.

Facebook has comprehended this predicament by presenting the "Spare" highlight on both work area and cell phones.

I cherish this component. I use it to keep articles and recordings to see sometime in the not too distant future - the key is recollecting that you spared them!

7. Keep an eye on Your Competition 

Maintaining a business on Facebook can be intense - staying aware of what your rivals are doing on Facebook is much harder!  Is your opposition's page developing or biting the dust?

You're occupied with maintaining your business and don't have sufficient energy to sit on Facebook throughout the day trolling their pages.

So Facebook presented an element called "Pages to Watch." It enables you to watch what different pages are doing on Facebook so as to contrast their outcomes with yours.

You discover it by heading off to your Page and clicking "Bits of knowledge" - at that point look down underneath your posts. pages_to_watch It's a really cool approach to keep an eye on your opposition.

8. Spared Replies on Messages for Pages 

An immense battle for entrepreneurs isn't having simple-to-utilize devices to answer to clients or individuals having issues with your item or administration.

Facebook Messages on your Business Page is a simple method to give individuals a chance to reach you, close deals or even offer help - particularly when you're little and don't have the cash for outside applications or locales to make this simpler. Yet, frequently you get a similar message again and again, isn't that so?

It's an immense agony to always need to compose a similar section to a similar inquiry - it would be a simpler and better utilization of everybody's time in the event that you could have spared message to send that out as you may through apparatuses like Zendesk or Intercom. Facebook has tackled this torment for you! Presently you can have spared answers on your page and rapidly add them to a message when you're posed a similar inquiry again and again.

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