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Paul Zoll MD — The Pioneer Whose Discoveries Prevent Sudden Death, presents an interesting and lively story that is a balance of science and humanity. Dr. Stafford Cohen writes with a clear, precise style. He documents Zoll’s career both as a doctor who took great pride in the care he gave his patients as well as researcher whose work pioneered the pacemaker, defibrillator and heart monitor—not only saving countless lives but also helping create the era of modern electrocardiac therapy. It is the delicate balance between Zoll the man, Zoll the doctor and Zoll the researcher that brings this story to life. Cohen writes about Zoll’s family and childhood, his education, his recreational interests and his life as a husband and father. Cohen also details the exacting research that led to Zoll’s important accomplishments. Cohen talks about failures and successes, triumphs and controversies—giving a complete and honest portrait of Zoll. Cohen was a medical resident under Dr. Paul Zoll and later a colleague at Beth Israel—and his respect and admiration for Zoll was the impetus for writing this biography. Beyond his personal experiences with Zoll, Cohen conducted extensive research for seven years, which included individual interviews with many of Zoll’s colleagues, patients and family members. He also examined archival material, including professional articles, journals, books, newspapers and magazines. Many people take scientific advancements for granted, which is why this book is so refreshing, as it details not only the science but also the man. Paul Zoll MD is a rare look inside the scientific mind—a biography that takes us through an important era of medical history, following the life on an exceptional man.