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TECH-OLOGY: A Digitally New Way to Raise Happy Kids demystifies the digital era for parents, illuminating the science, culture, and psychological implications for your children. Dr. Rumaldo, a licensed clinical psychologist, guides you towards addressing many of your digital concerns. You will achieve what she terms ‘digital biculturalism.’ A way to effectively communicate and parent your kids by understanding their culture, their language (social and written), their values, and struggles. So, if you find yourself questioning whether your child is benefiting or being hurt by technology, this essential parenting guide is a compassionate, science-based road map to help you navigate this new culture. Your children will enjoy the benefits of technology without suffering negative consequences. Being empowered with this new knowledge will not only allow you to parent effectively but will help you to improve your relationship with your child. In TECH-OLOGY: A Digitally New Way to Raise Happy Kids, you will learn how to address questions like: •\tWhat is the appropriate amount of screen time per day? •\tHow is social media influencing sex and relationships for teens? •\tHow do you set the appropriate boundaries for screen times? •\tHow does excessive screen time affect children/teens academically, physically, and psychologically? •\tAre social media and video games addicting? What are the connections between addiction and social media/video games? •\tHow can we protect our children from the dangers of the internet?