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Winner of the Sacramento Publishers’ Association awards for Best Nonfiction and Best Spiritual book, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award, and National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Magical Living is a collection of essays which give detailed, how-to instructions on channeling spirit guides, communicating with plants and nature spirits, developing your psychic vision; together with inspirational essays on managing love relationships, handling oppressive people, and dealing with hurt.
Susan Violante for Reader Views

I must be honest and say that I had no idea what to expect when I picked up “Magical Living” by Bob Makransky, but it did call my attention and I hoped it would enrich my own spiritual journey. The book is a compilation of essays which, when put together, creates a “how to” guide to a spiritual journey by opening the readers mind and heart to nature and the elements that are part of the unseen. Makransky promotes a deeper connection with each other and the universe that surrounds us by teaching us to open up to our feelings and intuition and rely less on our senses.
Makransky’s writing style is simple which will help the reader to better absorb the principles and philosophy he shares in this book. I think that the way he formatted these ideas on short essays did make it easy for me (born and raised catholic) to grasp his message and even find meanings applicable to my own journey. I have to say that I found some of his ideas a little too much for me, but I must also say that I found a lot of enlightening concepts as well. Let me just put it out there…I could not get enough! I actually read some of the essays 2 to 3 times and discovered new insights each time. I am not a magic driven person, and although I love nature and do a lot of gardening, I don’t think I have ever talked to plants (or at least consciously), and will probably will never bury myself naked on any forest. I will say though that this book did wake up my interest to develop my relationship with nature and with the unseen environment that surrounds us all as well as develop a deeper relationship with myself.
“Magical Living” by Bob Makransky is an easy to read little book with a lot of surprises. I am positive that it will enrich different people’s own spiritual journeys in unexpected ways and help readers to consider opening their minds and hearts and begin a relationship with what surrounds them in the present moment. A great book to revisit more than once!