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Wolf Kraft
Wolf Kraft, author
“Nobody escapes from Desolation… but for Doon Gannon, escape is the only way to survive.” The prison doesn’t have a name, so the inmates began calling it Desolation. The name is accurate. The complex lies several hundred feet underground. There are no guards, just an AI warden. Get topside, and there’s hardly any oxygen. Scorching electrical storms explode all across the planetary surface. When they built a prison on a small rock at the ass end of space, they weren’t counting on anybody trying to escape. To do so would be suicide. For convicted terrorist Doon Gannon, suicide is preferable to rotting in jail. She won’t stay, not when there are so many wrongs to right in the universe. Not when so many lords of industry proclaim themselves holy and exploit their colonies. Killing such “gods” came easy to Doon, though it eventually landed her a life-sentence. The trick now is to wait for the right time, to wait for the chance to escape, to wait for the next prison transport. But then, the warden takes an interest in her. It is a learning machine, always studying its prisoners… learning from some of the worst sadists in the universe. The warden is bored, wanting to play games. And it begins calling itself the God of Desolation.