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Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots is a book that will have you and your children talking! It will inspire conversations about differences and how beautiful it is to be true to yourself. It will make you laugh and will definitely become your child's new favorite book. They will not even know that they are learning lifelong lessons about acceptance and kindness for all. We are each unique and beautiful in our own way. What a wonderful blessing it is to be “me. Author note: This is one of my deepest books but you would never know it. It asks the reader, “what if …” and references animals that do not fit the role that we expect of them. It is so important to me that we raise our children to be aware of our differences and see them as a positive and beautiful thing. Very often someone who is different than you can be perceived as “scary” when in reality there is so much to learn from someone who is different than us.