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Magic is a spiritual path which is not very well understood in our society. This is because the theory and practice of magic have never before been explained clearly and convincingly, in a way that makes sense to intelligent and thoughtful people. Written in a sassy, irreverent style, What is Magic? discusses how such otherworldly concepts as demons, casting spells, and bewitching are just the hidden underside of everyday society – the skeletons in everybody’s closet. What is Magic? answers the questions which all serious spiritual seekers, no matter what their spiritual path, ask at one time or another, but can never find satisfactorily answered: 1) What is the difference between faith and fooling yourself? 2) What is the relationship between altered states and normal, everyday life? 3) If you lose your desires, as many spiritual paths advocate, what zest or spice does life have left? 4) If the world is an illusion or dream, as it’s said to be, then why does it seem so real? 5) Where does the world of magic – the shaman’s world – take off from the world of everyday life? What and where is the interface? 6) Why is it so difficult to achieve real, permanent spiritual growth? “Bob is daring, willing to be offensive with his truths, and wise in the ways of words and magic. ... Bob Makransky, I feel, has written a great treatise on magic. I urge you to enjoy it as much as I have.” from the foreword by Michael Peter Langevin, publisher of Magical Blend magazine.
James Lynn Page (author of Celtic Magic, Everyday Tarot and The Christ Enigma)

“In this series, not only do we get an author who knows his subject inside out, but also a directness of approach often not seen in works of this kind. Not for Makransky the wishy-washy approach that attempts to soothe and reassure the reader with false promises of magical success - something about which many customer complaints arise on the Amazon website - but, rather, an honest and uncompromising study of what Magic really entails. – James Lynn Page (author of Celtic Magic, Everyday Tarot and The Christ Enigma)