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Who Jesus Is tells what God says through his word who Jesus is. It is written for all, the young and old and all ages in between to know and understand who Jesus is. This book is alive like Jesus is alive today. Once you read it you will either be mad or glad. Jesus cannot be taken lightly by anyone. You cannot shove the Son of God into a corner, or sweep him under a rug. The mere fact that God created man from the dust of the earth and our bodies consists of thirty-nine elements from the dust of the ground is not just happen stance but scientific proof that God is who he says he is. This book is a delightful, colorful, fun read telling how God created the sun, moon, stars, plants and made man in his image. It explains why we celebrate Christmas and Easter. How Jesus is our savior. Everyone ought to know who Jesus is to choose blessings over cursing’s, eternal life over eternal damnation.