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Judy Watters, author
Panning for Gold in Our Golden Years looks at what life can be like in our 'golden years' if we approach it with a positive attitude. Let's face it; there is no stopping the aging process. It happens to all of us. But what truly matters is HOW we face our golden years. As we reach those senior years, we have to ask ourselves, have we found the gold? Do we have any control over our destiny? Are we enjoying life in our golden years?   This book will help you to face the days of letting someone else do the driving. You can laugh at the craziness of a misunderstood conversation because your hearing aid batteries are dead. You will learn that with a positive attitude, you can accept the walker or wheelchair and know that you still have something to give as you read to your grandchildren or great grandchildren. You will realize that your common sense has developed into a wisdom that becomes a win-win for all.   In this book you will learn how to recognize all the positives that aging affords us. You will learn how to not just face each season as it comes, but also to see the growth and to experience the learning that comes with it. Reading through my mother's experiences as she faced each new phase will trigger your own memories. Hopefully, you will be able to laugh along with her and realize you are not alone in this endeavor. When you write your reflections on the prompts provided, this journal will become a treasure of memories for your children and for the generations to come.