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In this sequel to Eddie the Electron, Eddie is free from the balloon which held his Helium atom, and he’s off on a new adventure, as his lighter-than-air atom rises above the houses and trees… All the way to the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere, where sky and space meet. Along the way, Eddie will teach young readers atomic concepts as he reminisces about the creation of his Helium atom, and how it and other Helium atoms are harvested and used. Eddie will also teach readers about the Earth's dwindling reserve of Helium, and how vitally important it is to conserve the precious gas.

This is a great follow up to the first book in this series ("Eddie the Electron"). My 7YO grandson and 5YO granddaughter sat quietly throughout my reading of the book and then bombarded me with questions. Is Eddie a planet? Is helium really in the air? Why aren't our voices high then? Etc. I love that it's got them really thinking. I do recommend reading the books in order, bc the first book lays the basic science behind atoms and electrons that would benefit kids to know when reading/listening to Eddie Moves Out.


Eddie the Electron does it again! While my children really liked the first Eddie book I found this one even more educational & entertaining. That's a rare combination in children books. The author does a great job teaching real science in a manner young readers can understand.


"Eddie the Electron Moves Out" is a sequel to the exciting atomic science information book, "Eddie the Electron." Eddie is a rare helium atom who has popped out of a balloon and shot out into the world as a personified (cartoon) Helium atom. Outside the balloon, Eddie quickly learned that there were many Nitrogen and Oxygen atoms, but very few Helium atoms. Eddie is amazed to discover that he is a rare element. The history of the creation of elements on earth such as Helium is described and illustrated with colorful cartoons. More important, it is explained," Helium is a nonrenewable resource because it takes billions of years to form under the earth's crust." Even more concerning is the fact that at the present rate that Helium is being used on earth, the supply of it may be exhausted in about 30 years. When Helium is released into the air, it will tend to rise up past the clouds and beyond the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere. Eddie the Helium atom reacts to his release as he rises high into empty space above the Earth's atmosphere. Eddie becomes one with both empty space and the other space traveling atoms. Eddie's farewell greeting to readers is: "Until then, when you look up in the sky, think of me." Eddie also suggests to readers that they might like to skip the Helium balloons at the next party, because of the scarcity and nonrenewability of Helium. "Eddie the Electron Moves Out" is a creative, educational fun book that delivers a lot of facts wrapped up in a fun illustrated story. The Endnotes are helpful in explaining further background and questions about Helium, atoms, electrons, and earth geologic and elemental history. "Eddie the Electron Moves Out" is great, entertaining science education for readers age 8-9 and up.

A Child Interviews Eddie the Electron Moves Out Author, Melissa Rooney

Seven-year-old, Kieran Rooney, interviews his mother Melissa Rooney, the author of the "Eddie the Electron" children's book series with Amberjack Publishing. Melissa's 15YO daughter shot and spliced the video. Experiential Education At It's Best! We DO recommend you try this at home! (For more information about Melissa, her children's books and workshops and other published work, visit

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