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Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck, author
The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species presents a compelling account of the spiritual awakening of humanity. Our species shift is occurring through the enlightening of individuals such as Thomas Beck, who was initiated into expanded states via meditation and otherworldly beings. By sharing his own personal story as well as psychotherapy case stories, Dr. Beck convinces us that a phase-transition to a higher order species, Homo sapiens lumina, has already begun. In the wink of an eye, “Angie,” an inter-dimensional Being, lovingly initiated four-year old Tommy into transcendence. Angie’s profound awareness infused Tommy just by her loving presence. In a single instant, Angie imparted the unity of life throughout the Cosmos… through profound love, the glue that holds the universe together. Thomas Beck thus exemplifies the vast capacity of Homo sapiens lumina to love.