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A Beginner's ABC of Christian History

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

If you have some interest in the story of the Christian Church through the ages but not tackled any of the large, comprehensive volumes that seems daunting, this is a starting point. It provides a brief introduction to over a hundred topics, from Adam to Zionism. The author provides a vivid glimpse of the great movers in church history and the movements that have created the church as it is today. BERNARD THOROGOOD. Born in Sussex, prepared for ordination in the Scotland, and serving as a missionary for 17 years in the island of the South Pacific, Bernard Thorogood became the General Secretary of the London Missionary Society/Council for the World Mission for 10 years and then General Secretary of the United Reformed Church in the UK for 12 years. He has travelled widely and taken a significant part in the ecumenical movement. On retirement he moved to Australia with his wife, Joan, and is a retired minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. He was awarded the OBE and the Lambeth DDin 1992.