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A Bolt From The Blue

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

A Bolt From The Blue The Halifax Explosion 1917 On a cold unassuming day in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, the day was soon to become a red letter day as the snowbound scenery became blood begrimed and the death toll mounted with each passing hour. December 6th 9am 1917 was to change the lives of the folks in Halifax when two ammunition ships collided in the harbor between Halifax and Dartmouth leaving almost 2,000 dead and thousands blinded by flying glass as they ran to the office windows. This is a fictional story of one young boy who goes about helping the injured and dead not knowing he had lost all of his family in the tragedy of that fateful day.With little regard for his own life Jonathon Smithers found himself covered in mud and this mingled with the blood. This is his story.A story soon to be published in OCT 2019 by avidpublishingLLC.