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A Broken Promise
Xavier Gibson was a popular young man in school who had talent and an attractive appearance. After jumping from relationship to relationship to find comfort in love, he finds himself meeting one out of all girls who had a crush on him; her name was Naomi Montgomery. That same night they kissed, leading Naomi in to a confusions of believing that they were a couple. Xavier plays along with their relationship even though he already had a girlfriend. However, he started to unexpectedly fall in love with Naomi, but by the time he was ready to omit his girlfriend to be with Naomi, she finds out that she was a fool for love and disappears. Xavier fought to find her and prove that he wants to be with her and after his girlfriend dumps him, he finally finds Naomi and reunites with her and made an oath to stay together. They fought against the world to be together, but until one of them breaks the promise that they made.