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A body of a woman is found on the grounds of Camp David the morning after a White House sponsored Fourth of July celebration in which two hundred dignitaries, including the Democratic President of the United States, Jessica Worthing, and her Republican Vice-President, Eric Bunting, were in attendance. The identity of the body is unknown and the cause of death is yet to be determined. However, an unidentified pill is found in the woman’s stomach. Dr. Bob Kramer, a forensic toxicologist with the air and suave demeanor of a James Bond is recruited by the White House to help separate fact from fiction and to provide an opinion on the likely cause of death. Morgan Baker, an obese and unkempt Private Investigator from Louisiana is hired by the Justice Department to sleuth and assist in the investigation. The White House hopes that the two experts, working together, would ensure that the President or anyone in her inner circle was not involved. Kramer and Baker have their work cut out for them. The woman is an imposter and her attendance at the Fourth of July festivities was the product of Republican political dirty tricks. Unbeknownst to the President, her husband and the Vice President are lovers and are implicated in the woman’s death. But, who was that woman? How did she die? Was she a woman? What Pandora's box will this incident open and how will it affect the upcoming presidential election in which the President is running for the first time in her own right after assuming the presidency left vacant by the sudden death of her predecessor, Leslie Breckenridge? Would the country be able to survive another Watergate if the sordid truth is made known?