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A Fistful of Honey
Money. Love. Family. When it all falls away and she’s left with nothing, one woman must find the strength to fight her demons… so she can save the world. Alena Ford has a great job, a beautiful home, and a rich, powerful husband. When she loses it all she faces a nightmare worse than her horrible childhood. Fired from her job, she leaves her Manhattan penthouse for a decrepit apartment in a gritty section of Brooklyn. Stripped of everything, she is forced to face the demons of her past and the ghosts in her heart. When Alena befriends her eccentric neighbor Gloria, the woman’s stunning amethyst necklace and Black Madonna painting draws her into a world of ancient secrets, dark forces, and powerful magic. It is a world in which black women, the first people, are divine. Alena is descended from an ancient order called The Bridgers, chosen to save humanity from the Dark Ones. To succeed, Alena must first battle the demons of her past; if she loses, the fate of the world is at stake. A Fistful of Honey delivers racial healing and reawakening wrapped in a thrilling, page-turning tale, introducing a heroine and magic unlike anything else in fantasy fiction. If you love rich mythology, strong diverse heroines, and a love story that spans the ages, you’ll love A Fistful of Honey.