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A Girl Named M
Chris Perez, author
After a devastating family tragedy, Theo has his life completely uprooted and finds himself living in the sleepy town of Morrisville, population 3,589. With no friends and no desire to do much of anything, on Halloween night, he gets caught up with a group of troubled outcasts from his new high school who invite him to join them on their annual quest to the house on The Hill—the town’s infamous haunted house which is rumored to be home to a wicked old woman and her imprisoned granddaughter. However, her granddaughter is no ordinary child, for she is believed to be a hideous creature who has never had any form of contact with the outside world. Although the rumors of this creature, who the local teens refer to as “the monster”, have floated around as town gossip for years, no one has laid eyes on the beast—until the night Theo joins the group in their Halloween tradition, that is. That night, as the group of misfits run in fear after seeing the monster, Theo can’t help but stare in complete and utter disbelief, for he doesn’t see what the others do, but instead, he sees a young girl. Theo makes it his mission to get into the house on The Hill and finds himself developing an untraditional friendship with M, the girl he saw on the roof, with one caveat—she won’t show her face. As this unlikely friendship develops, Theo tries to save M from her unfortunate circumstances, but finds himself in over his head as he learns that she is not only cursed, but she also has the ability to access different dimensions of time. As her world becomes more and more of an obsession for him, he finds that she is saving him. But when Theo gets into trouble with the outcasts responsible for bringing him to The Hill the night of Halloween, he begins to question whether or not this exciting new adventure is real or all just a figment of his imagination.