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A Grown Up Fairy Tale
This is a story about a fifty-nine year old woman, but it is also a story for all women who still long for their happily ever after. She is not drop dead gorgeous with a figure to die for, she’s fat. She’s getting older, and the prospects for love are getting slimmer. This is a book about REAL WOMEN, the kind you bump into in a grocery store and let ahead of you because she only has a few items. Who’s short a few dollars at the checkout lane and you tell the cashier to put it on your tab. The kind you stop and lend a hand to, or a sympathetic ear. You do it out of the kindness of your heart, and sometimes when that kindness comes back to you, it is the stuff of fairy tales! Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant and active United States Marshal Ray Kelly is not an easy man to know. At fifty-four, he is a single father to three young sons. A lifetime spent fighting wars both abroad and at home has hardened him into an apparent cynic.