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A Hole in Science: An Opening for an Alternative Understanding of Life
My book is an overdue debunking of scientific materialism, perhaps the most fundamental belief of modern science. An earlier review from Kirkus Reviews states that the book “persuasively suggests that a materialistic view falls short”. The book takes a perhaps obvious approach in describing some of the severe challenges posed to materialism by unusual - and accepted - behavioral phenomena. The bigger picture, though, is a focus on the unfolding “absolutely beyond belief” failure of DNA searches to confirm the material origins of individuality (and thus fulfill the expectations of behavioral genetics and personal genomics). This failure should not have been “beyond belief” to scientists. The book also offers some alternative explanations from the common premodern transcendental perspective. Additionally, it fills in some significant context with a chapter critiquing both sides of the Religion versus Science divide. In concluding, the book makes a case that the hubris of science and its secular sacrilegious-status aside, it is time to directly critique scientific materialism.