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A Kidnapping Revival

A kidnapping fueled by hate in the stealth of night threatens to derail the faith of the victim’s husband, a preacher, who has his own demons to fight.  Add to this other crimes and bizarre ransom demands.  The husband’s life skids out of control while the fate of the wife is unknown.  Will she survive?  Will she be allowed to return to her husband and child?  Will he survive?   Will their faith endure to the end?  Detectives, led by the husband’s brother, try to identify the kidnapper.  Their leads are confusing and fruitless.  The husband continues to be subjected to attacks by the kidnapper and others, who may or may not be working for the kidnapper.  His sanity hanging in the balance, he turns to his eternal source of hope and comfort.  His wife, too, leans on her Savior.  Neither knows the outcome, but both know who does.