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A Little Book About A Little Something Called Feeling Good
Elle Gabriel, author
Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

A Little Book About A Big Something Called Feeling Good by Luan Gabriel-Pindar is a concise and easily explained guide to the ten steps to a life of happiness and self-fulfilment. There are techniques and exercises within each chapter that you can follow and complete to start making a difference in your life today. Once you put into action the techniques discussed, you will automatically change your perspective on life's challenges and look at the same issues with a positive mindset. The book places the responsibility for happiness on no one else but yourself. This new found empowerment will drastically change how you see yourself and every situation. 

A Little Book About A Big Something Called Feeling Good by Luan Gabriel-Pindar is a no-nonsense guide to self-improvement and, from the first chapter, I knew it was a unique look at ten major parts of yourself that can be changed as soon as you take responsibility for your own happiness. It stresses the importance of ceasing to blame others or situations and realise you have full control of your state of mind and how you react or perceive different situations. The ten stages of becoming happy, satisfied and complete are quick and easy to follow. I loved the exercises in each chapter because they were so simple to understand and complete. There were many ‘aha’ moments throughout the book, including the chapter on assertiveness and your right to be heard. The ‘Pesky Neighbour Syndrome’ was the perfect analogy to inspire new life rituals. Very well written and I would recommend this brilliant book to everyone.