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Darrell Cass
A Look in the Mirror: The Disintegration of our Morals,Values, Ethics and Society - Can America be Saved?
Darrell Cass, author

Adult; Political & Social Sciences; (Market)

In this informative, witty, painfully honest Socrates-like "hard" look in the mirror, Darrell Cass re-educates those 99% of Americans and the world that have been bullied, brainwashed, kidnapped, and beaten into delusional submission by master sorcerers. You will laugh, cry, and be ashamed as he illuminates the ingenious ways our self-serving elite have percolated their morals, values, and ethics down throughout society. One that was willingly hypnotized, brainwashed, and duped into playing its role in this play for modern day privateers through a comprehensive list of cancerous infections we’ve all spread   throughout every segment of society for "their" benefit.


This no-holds-barred confession points out it takes "two to Tango" and exposes our seedily choreographed social demise started by Wall Street, politicians, and Super Pac’s in the 1980’s with just a few, selfish, corrupt, moral-less, narcissist on board. But by 2000, when the train pulled out of the station - it was packed full of ordinary Americans. You will quickly realize for the last 35 years we’ve been nothing more than a highway for political ambitions, an extremist punching bag they beat to a pulp, and a puppet they played like a violin for their amusement.         


Who caused America's social Armageddon and empowers the billionaires, politicians, and banking establishments that are more dangerous than standing armies? Who’s really responsible for our misguided, irrational, self-absorbed, materialistic, often violent and cruel society and how did it happen? Who helped push the self-destruct button?


Now, the question is: Can we restore our great society, or is it too late to sink their moral-less mighty fleet and pull the country back out of “Davy Jones locker?" 


Aamazon customer

A well written book, very informative. A must read for presidential candidates!

Midwest Book Review: It's almost as if Darrell Cass climbed into a time machine