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Rhonda Eason
A Lost Penny
Rhonda Eason, author
Besotted with her older sister Eva, Elodie constantly seeks her approval, even if it means jeopardizing her own wellbeing and happiness. When her low-income mother sends thirteen-year-old Elodie to live with her affluent father, Elodie is lost without her family, especially her sister. Battling feelings of abandonment and betrayal while simultaneously growing in her music, Elodie struggles to overcome several new trials that challenge her own expectations of who she believes she is and who she thought she could become. From dangerous run-ins with a washed-up music producer to navigating the drama of teenage friendship and competition, Elodie must manage her priorities and feelings to pursue her musical passion alongside finding a place that truly feels like home. With a promising career as a singer/songwriter hanging in the balance, Elodie must learn how to use her own voice or risk losing it altogether.